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  olive trees (oleo)
The Year of the Olive!
Create your very own olive garden this year with East of Eden Plants

Olea Europa ~ fully frost hardy to -12°C when mature

The Year of the Olive!

Know your olive trees
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General Growing Instructions

Olives are evergreen trees and olive gardens make a superb all-year-round garden statement of peace and prosperity.

Olive trees grow well in sub-tropical and temperate areas with an optimum temperature range of 5-25°C. They need long, hot summers for the fruits to ripen fully, followed by winter temperatures that are low enough to meet the chilling requirement of the specific cultivar. Although mature trees are remarkably frost tolerant, down to -12°C, young olive plants are not fully hardy. So to be completely safe container grown plants can be placed outdoors in the summer and brought into a cold greenhouse or conservatory for winter protection. You can buy mature olive trees from us to make a great olive garden.


Our design team's use of an olive tree centrepiece to set the scene at the Malt and Hops in Taunton - click to see the garden slideshow

Olives for an evergreen, peaceful garden


~Design my Mediterranean olive garden for me~


Olive gardens are places of tranquility and repose.

olive trees - 30 cm plants as gifts, from £25. Complete with miniature olive oil. Say 'peace and prosperity' with olives.

Olive plants as gifts

The Olive tree symbolises the essence of the Mediterranean landscape. It is an elegant, evergreen tree which makes an excellent specimen plant for a sunny courtyard in a terracotta pot or planted in a Mediterranean style olive garden.

Small olive trees 70cm rootball £285
We have olive trees available for immediate delivery from a small gift size - to plants with trunks over 1.5 metres wide. So, give a 'peace' message ~ or make peace with a classic olive garden.
  £1700 for this 1.3m girth olive tree If you are bold enough, there is nothing quite like your own olive garden, under planted with lavender to stimulate the imagination.
Traditional Mediterranean harmony

Pots and compost
Olive trees grow and fruit well in terracotta pots. An olive garden can be terrace-based as well as grown on a large or small plot! For pots, they are best grown in well drained pots with loam-based compost, such as John Innes No 3 adding grit for good drainage, and crock at the base of the pot. Raise pots on feet for free drainage in wet seasons. It is recommended to start off with smaller pots, gradually repotting until you reach the largest size. If your plants get too large to move there are some great pot movers now on the market. We use lightweight large pots.


Medium olive trees for £445




This olive tree has a rootball  1.2m wide. £965




The olive branch - symbol of peace and prosperity

Site and Planting
Olive trees are happy in a wide range of soils, although low to medium fertility is preferable. Olive gardens with soils that are very fertile are likely to result in excessive vegetative growth. We find that the establishing of newly planted olives is enhanced by the use of a Mediterranean mycorrhizal mix, such as ‘the Friendly Fungi' produced by Rootgrow.

The site must be well drained. Olive trees grow well on alkaline soils, including those with a high level of salts, provided that the pH level does not exceed 8.5. Windbreaks should be used in exposed areas.

The usual planting distance varies from 7m to 12m each way, depending on the habit of the cultivar; all olive trees should be staked to avoid wind damage. Closely planted trees may be thinned by re-moving alternate trees when the canopies begin to overlap.


1.1 -1.3m girth olive trees available for £1,280 Specimens over 100 years old.

70-80cm rootball range - olive trees  £785

Olive with approx 80cm rootball - £875

Routine care
Top-dress with slow release fertiliser, or any general fertiliser with medium to high levels of nitrogen, at a yearly rate of about 0.5-kg per tree, applied in two or three doses when the trees are in active growth. Applications of potassium and, possibly, boron supplements may be necessary on some soils. Apply a liquid feed every three to four weeks. Re-apply a soil conditioner every 12 months to produce optimum growth and fruiting.

The olive branch - universal symbol of peace and fertility

The olive branch - symbol of peace and prosperity
Invest in medium size olive trees and watch you olive garden (slowly) grow ~ or buy large specimen olive trees for maximum instant Mediterranean impact. No other transformation with plants works quite like it.

Water olive trees regularly during dry periods, particularly for the first two to three years after planting. Mulching with organic material is also beneficial. Keep the planting area free of weeds, for a truly magnificent olive garden.

  Small olive trees Now reduced ! from £48-135 Let us design with olives - and create a complete Mediterranean garden for you

Yes, please design my new Mediterranean olive garden for me

Mature olive trees for the small to medium garden - 70 cm rootball £675


Pruning and Training
Prune newly planted olive trees by re-moving the leading shoot when it is about 1.5m tall; select 3 to 5 strong laterals to provide the basic branch structure. Subsequent pruning consists of removing older branches to encourage the growth of new shoots, since fruits are produced on one-year-old wood mostly at the edges of the tree canopy.

olive trees - for true all year round colour
Mediterranean colour - leaves turn from pale green to verdigris (oxidised copper and bronze)

Flowering and Fruiting
olive trees produce a very insignificant cream flower. To flower and fruit successfully olives need at least two months of temperatures below 10°C in winter. However for best results avoid prolonged cold weather below 7.5°C or winter temperatures above 15.5°C as both can prevent successful fruit production.
Most cultivars are self-fertile, but pollinators may be necessary to increase fruit yield in cooler climates. olive trees are pollinated by insects and also by wind; high humidity levels inhibit pollination.


Come home to an olive tree welcome - and be at peace - 70 cm rootball £445

Understated grandeur
Without doubt, the olive tree garden is the perfect way to harmonise a Mediterranean welcome to your home.

Order your olive trees and garden creations by phone or email - delivered to your door


Latest additions to the
Olive Trees Range
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Specimens below are over 100 years old. Ring us on 01752 829178 for more details

Mature olive - superb architectural plant and slow growing - Click to enlargeMature olive - superb architectural plant and slow growing Click to enlarge

  Mature olive - superb architectural plant and slow growing - Click to enlarge Mature olive - superb architectural plant and slow growing - Click to enlargeMature olive - superb architectural plant and slow growing - Click to enlarge
Create the ultimate olive tree garden!
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