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Rootgrow™ Professional

Mycorrhizal fungi ~ Feeding your Plants for Life

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'Much of plant life on our planet is utterly dependent on mycorrhizae.'

What are mycorrhizal fungi?

Mycorrhizal fungi are a remarkable group of organisms that have been beneficial to plants ever since they evolved roots, over 200 million years ago. Scientists now believe that plant roots and mycorrhizae evolved together in a mutual success story.

When plants were first beginning to evolve as separate structures, mycorrhizal fungi were there forming a symbiotic relationship with the plants. They became a secondary living root system that enabled plants to extract nutrients and hold onto water in very difficult soil conditions, and this they do today.

As plants evolved so did the mycorrhizal fungi. The more developed forms that associate with large woodland trees evolved fruiting bodies (mushrooms) as a means of dispersing spores into the air. Some of these mycorrhizal mushrooms such as Truffles, Chanterelles and Porcini are prized in the kitchen for their culinary value. Rootgrow mycorrhiza however do not appear above ground.

The naturally occurring mycorrhiza-plant symbiosis is still vital today.


  • A one off treatment will give the following benefits for the lifetime of the plant,
  • One treatment lasts forever (as the plant grows the fungal partner grows)
  • Better drought tolerance (due to the vast fungal root making best use of all available soil moisture)
  • Earlier and better growth (in 2-4 weeks after planting the mycorrhizal fungi can increase the active root area of plants by up to 700 times)
  • Better uptake of fertilisers when applied after planting (the network of mycorrhizal fungi act like a net catching nutrients and preventing leaching)
  • Increased uptake of obscure trace elements from the soil leading to increased plant health (the ultra fine fungal mycelium can unlock nutrients from the soil)
  • Reduced mortality of plants especially specimen plants and plants that are difficult to establish (the extended root system feeds the plant from very early on in its life)
  • Controlling rose replant disease (the friendly fungi grows faster than soil pathogens and naturally colonise weak points in the roots that pathogens would infect).

We always plant with rootgrow


RHS endorse Rootgrow. October, 2008

‘Where the soil is stale and old you should put back in the living friendly mycorrhizal fungi when planting.’
Carol Klein, BBC Gardeners World, Transmitted 13th May, Extending the spring garden and planting into an area that had been paved for many years.

The ‘miracle cure’ (to rose replant disease) takes the form of mycorrhizal fungi.
Bunny Guinness, The Sunday Telegraph

‘These stress busting fungi represent the ultimate environmentally friendly product.’
Ursula Buchan, The Saturday Telegraph.

‘Treat the base of the hole with rootgrow a mix of five natural fungi that grow a large secondary root system on the roots
Peter Seabrook, The Sun

The presence of mycorrhiza in poor growing conditions hugely increases the host plants chances of survival’
Monty Don, The Guardian.

‘When you add mycorrhizal fungi to the planting hole you are in effect boosting the local population so high that a plant fungus bond is inevitable’
Stephen Anderton, The Saturday Times

‘The efficiency of mycorrhizal roots can make the difference between life and death.’
Jon Ardle, Features Editor, RHS The Garden Magazine.

"I have been using mycorrhizal fungi in the borders at Berryfields and can't get over how effective it is". Alice Fowler, Gardeners' World Magazine, January 2007

"You should certainly plant using rootgrow granules which, by means of fungal mycorrhizas, greatly magnify a plant's ability to absorb moisture from the soil."
Stephen Anderton, The Saturday Times 15th of April, 2006



Rootgrow Professional

Restore mycorrhizal fungi and protect plants from re-planting and drought stress



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How do mycorrhizal fungi benefit plants?

In its simplest sense mycorrhizal fungi do everything plants roots do just BETTER.

When new plants are planted with rootgrow it takes only 2-4 weeks under normal conditions for these fungi to start benefiting plants. In that time they attach themselves to the plant's root system and grow out rapidly into the soil, searching for nutrients and water. They essentially become part of the plant's own root system. The benefits to plants are below.

Better nutrient uptake

These fungi are so much thinner and finer than the plant's own roots they can therefore find nutrients in the soil far more efficiently that the plant's own course roots. They are especially good at finding nutrients responsible for flowering and fruiting such as Phosphorous and Potassium. As they can explore a much greater amount of soil than the plant's own roots they are also far more likely to find trace elements and the rare nutrients that all plants need to grow well.

Drought tolerance

Mycorrhizal fungi are an essential part of a plants ability to combat drought. Leaves and stems have developed mechanisms to combat drought such as silver leaves, waxy leaves and hairy leaves but these adaptations on their own aren’t enough if the plant doesn’t have its friendly fungal partner on its roots.

Mycorrhizal fungi hold onto water in soils like a sponge.

The Mediterranean Garden at Kew heavily features the use of Rootgrow


Our own work in Kew in the new Mediterranean Beach garden heavily featured Rootgrow's drought tolerance properties to promote dry gardening in Britain.


Visit Kew here

Disease resistance

A plant treated with rootgrow will benefit from a increased nutrient uptake and therefore will develop into a stronger healthy plant, more able to resist disease.

The rootgrow friendly fungi join to the roots of a plant it fills up the niches in the roots where root pathogens can enter and acts to physically protect to the root structure.

Benefits to roses

Over the last few years the benefits of treating roses with rootgrow at planting time has been well documented. Using rootgrow with roses will not just help them to establish well and produce a good show of flowers but it will also enable gardeners to grow roses in soil that has previously had roses growing in it.

Now established throughout the UK as a standard treatment for roses rootgrow has reported to be successful in combating the problem of rose replant disease or rose soil sickness.

Establishment in difficult soils

Mycorrhizal fungi will enable plants to establish and thrive even in difficult soils. In poor sandy soils the mycorrhizal fungi will be able to find scarce nutrients and hold onto water. In clay soils these fungi will be able to unlock nutrients from the soil acting like a clay breaker.

Rootgrow outperforms controls

Benefits for the Garden Designer

  • Offering a novel and innovative new service to your clients
  • Very little effort is required to quote and sell this service and you only buy mycorrhizal fungi from us once you have already sold it.
  • If one 10 L tub of rootgrow professional is used following the correct application rates and recommended Retail Price (RRP) it will be worth over £100 clear profit.
  • Rootgrow is easy to use, a little care is needed when first using it to make sure you are not over-dosing or under dosing but once you have got used to applying it, it can be done by eye.
  • Rootgrow is the ideal low maintenance product. Apply once and it will support plants for life.


In trials, Rootgrow treated plants
outperform control plants.

Benefits for the Landscaper

  • Reduced mortality. Plants treated with rootgrow professional are far more likely to establish and thrive, which means less losses and replacements.
  • Reduced need for aftercare. Plants treated with mycorrhizal fungi can find nutrients better in poor or heavy soils and the fungi also act like a sponge holding onto water.
  • Very little effort is required to quote and sell this service and you only buy mycorrhizal fungi from us once you have already sold it.
  • rootgrow is easy to use. A little care is needed when first using it to make sure you are not over-dosing (wasting money) or under dosing but once you have got used to applying it, it can be done by eye.
  • rootgrow is the ideal low maintenance product. Apply once and it will support plants for life





Easy to apply - add Rootgrow granules to the planting hole before planting

ROOTGROW & Mycorrhiza science papersRootgrow mycorrhiza science papers


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Rootgrow Professional is an extremely efficient product. Using the Rootgrow calculator, it only takes a matter of minutes to calculate the quantities of mycorrhizal fungi required and you only have to order the product once the client has agreed to buy it so there is no financial risk.



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