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Roof Garden design with large Wooden Trough Planters and Instant Hedges - Case Study


Roof Garden Design with an Instant Green Screen and Softwood Trough Planters

Creating an instant hedge

This instant hedge green screen was planted in a single day. Screening off air-conditioning units, this instant hedge green screen will continue to grow out and cover the galvanised stell mesh and fence posts within a year.

This example shows the versatility of both the screens and the wooden planters, which can make a sustainable living screen just about anywhere.

We specify these ready assembled trough planters, 1.45 metres long, because they are purpose built for our needs.

Trough planters are tough

Professional quality and industrial strength, the brief was to make planter troughs strong enough to withstand a sledgehammer. The tanalised European redwood is guaranteed for 3 years but we would be very surprised if they lasted less than ten, even twenty years.

Completed in a day

The trough planters have been custom sized and pre-assembled to create a run of the correct length. Each wooden planter receives a post and mesh frame with mature planting already established.

The placement on site of troughs, filling, installation of screens and irrigation system is completed in one day.

Pressure treated against rot, the wooden troughs will stay looking good for years and years.

Strong, galvanised 6mm wire mesh forms the screen framework, attached to pre-treated posts bolted into the troughs.

Roof gardens with softwood trough planters and instant hedges
Wooden trough planters in a roof garden design with a green screen
instant hedge and irrigation system.

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Carpinus betulis instant hedging screens

Trough planters wooden trough planters with instant green screens

Roof garden designs are ideal places for versatile softwood planters. These planters are made of treated FSC European softwoods.

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Wooden trough planters available individually

The wooden trough planters, used individually, are versatile planters anywhere. They are used to create growing space to add to any built environment, and are great as raised beds. The construction is as strong as the material and they will last many years. More

Softwood planters used as instant screening can be joined to extend any length

Before - New technology, wrong aesthetic

The installation of modern air conditioning was a great boon inside the rooms of this listed building, but the effect outside left something to be desired. To complete the job the architect specified screening.

What was needed was a cost effective roof garden solution to screen the air conditioning units.

Installation of wooden troughs and irrigation

Installation of the wooden troughs and irrigation

With restricted roof access, all materials were delivered to the work area by crane.

With the pre-constructed troughs and posts assembled and lined up, the substrate and irrigation system is added.

The finished instant hedge green screen and wooden planters

What a difference a day makes..

Fully assembled in a day, the green screen instant hedge is planted in the wooden troughs and supplied with water through the irrigation system. The galvanised steel mesh barrier secured between the posts provides an effective barrier and support.

Close up of the irrigation system

Green screen instant hedge - detail

Detail of the completed screening:

  • Pre-assembled, pre-treated solid wooden troughs made from European FSC sources
  • Pre-grown ivy plants on galvanised steel 6mm wire frame
  • The plants are protected with an irrigation system to provide the optimum green screen installation


With the minimum of on-site fuss and disruption, the award winning green screen instant hedging system provides a cost-effective screening solution.

All components are available separately or supplied together in a tried and tested system, which can be tailored to individual sites. A choice of plant species is available, including hedera, fagus and carpinus.
Instant hedging and instant screening images
Instant green screen hedging and security fencing QUOTES

Our screens provide an instant security barrier with green screen instant hedge looks. They provide a complete solution on their own or can be used in conjunction with additional planting such as pleached trees and other design features.

GREEN SCREEN: Contact us for all installation advice and quotes Instant green screen hedging and security fencing QUOTES

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  Successfully deployed on Secured by Design schemes as well as high specification architectural projects. When used on Secured by Design sites, our screens have received accreditation.

Our natural screens not only significantly improve the aestethics of a security fencing system, but have also received recognition for their biodiversity value.

We can also advise and supply additional plants for the instant screens to increase the Biodiversity Diversity Index, which will be well received by planning authorities and when companies apply for grant support, such as from the Regional Development Agency.

To further enhance the biodiversity aspect of our designs, we can also advise and incorporate vertical living wall systems into client projects.


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Carpinus betulis instant hedging screens
Carpinus betulis instant hedging screens

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