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Choose East of Eden Plants for all your specialist planting needs, from supply of exotic plants to the complete package of design, project management and delivery. East of Eden Plants are experts in creating hardy exotic, tropical and other world landscapes for gardens, courtyards and sun terraces to waterfronts, urban landscapes and innovative interior plantscapes
Drought protection and early establishment of trees and feature plants go hand in hand Tree planting in Malta using Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi
Getting large plants like trees to root and establish early is vital for their continued success, especially when they are going to face long hot summers.
In early 2011, we supplied Malta with mycorrhizal fungi to support their tree planting project at the capital, Valletta, a world heritage site.

We use Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi as standard in our planting schemes to aid early plant establishment and as a buffer against drought.

Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi Rootgrow mycorrhiza

  Tree planting in Malta


BALI are the Oscars of landscaping in the UK, held in December.

You will be able to read how we helped a domestic design project to beat multi-million pound projects to win the top prize in the summer edition of BALI LANDSCAPE NEWS.


RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Wendy Allen's design is the first winner of the new 'Sustainable Gardens' category. Having worked with us before and knowing about our Kew Gardens Mediterranean Beach planting scheme, Wendy approached us for the supply of additional plants for her sustainable design for the small garden.

Our Peter and Wendy are presently exploring future collaborative design work with an inspirational progression particularly based on sustainable themes including roof gardens in which they both have a specialism.

Contact us for garden designs in flood risk areas, including instant green screens as replacements for perimeter walls.

RHS Gold Medal New anti-flood regulations affect domestic dwellings
Wendy Allen's 'Rain Chain' Sustainable Garden at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2009
The 'RAIN CHAIN' Garden Wendy Allen's Rain Chain
'Set in a coastal railway town in southern England, this urban front garden channels rainfall via a green roof, rain chain and water butt to a rain garden, where it can soak away gradually. The rain garden plants like moist or waterlogged soil but will also tolerate dryer periods.'

Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew

Beschorneria yuccoides, Callestemon, Agave, Brahia palm and rare Chamaerops humilis var. cerifera all featured in the design.


Kew Gardens Mediterranean Beach - the Pine Island
Mediterranean Pine Island with Callestemon, Agave, Brahia palm and Chamaerops humilis var. cerifera.




Kew Mediterranean Palm



'Beneficial fungi such as mycorrhiza are more common and more active in organically managed compared to non-organically managed soils. Plants benefit from mycorrhizal colonies through improved take-up of minerals, crop vigour and higher resistance to soil-borne pests and diseases'.
The Soil Association







'Much of plant life on our planet is utterly dependent on mycorrhizae.'
Professor Richard Dawkins


The serious science behind the project is planting for a changing climate, using plants that thrive in drought conditions.

Yes, our climate swings even further from drought to no summer at all. This is why we have developed planting schemes to cope with both excessive wet and excessive dry periods, and planting schemes that do both.

Talk to us about Mediterranean and exotic planting schemes

The Mediterranean Beach was planted using mycorrhizal fungi. This recreates the mycorrhizal layer that exists in all soils.

Over 95% of the worlds plants rely on the mycorrhizae in the soil to create a symbiotic relation with their roots. This vastly improved, secondary, root system is why plants can survive drought and increase their food supply. The rose industry has now virtually eliminated 'rose replant sickness' with the aid of inert mycorrhizal fungi added as dry granules in the replant hole. Some compost manufacturers are now adding a mycorrhizal component to their mixes.

The 'word' about this 250 million year old 'innovation' is speading. we have been using it as standard since 2004 for plantings to promote early establishment and uniform plant development. We distribute it through online sales to retail, trade and wholesale markets.

The RHS and Growers' Association, since its founding by Sir Joseph Banks in 1804, have never before promoted soil products, but now endorse mycorrhizal fungi. It is also endorsed by David Austen Roses. who have found dramatic effects in the reduction of rose replant sickness.

More on mycorrhizal fungi More mycorrhizal fungi
Buy mycorrhizal fungi in our online shop Buy mycorrhizal fungi
Talk to us about mycorrhizal fungi
Contact us mycorrhizal fungi




The Gleneagles Hotel


Gleneagles Hotel - image copyright Adrian Welch
Copyright Adrian Welch

The Spa at The Gleneagles Hotel
Copyright Gleneagles


When is the best time to plant palm trees in Scotland?

January, of course. That was the window of opportunity we had to plant the palms to create the Courtyard Garden in preparation for the opening of The Spa at The Gleneagles Hotel, in Perthshire.

The temperature was the least of the logistical questions we were posed (It is actually surprisingly warm in Perthshire in the winter, with an average of 7 degrees Centigrade. A great place for Atlantic Salmon fishing on the Tay, and golf at St. Andrews, of course. Try it.)

We have developed techniques of getting mature plants up to 20 metres into buildings efficiently. Next time you are at the Spa, see the route through the doorways from the outside, where we came in with a mobile plantation.

Plants were individually selected through UK and European collections and delivered to site. If you want us to help with our plant-finder service, planting collections and commissioned planting schemes, please contact us.


The Gleneagles Hotel






The Spa, Gleneagles Hotel


Brochure request


Pan Peninsula, London


'We need large designer, self watering planters planted up and in place by the day after tommorrow. Oh, and it's up fourteen flights. Needs to be done and dusted for the visit by Boris Johnston. Big Do. Can you do it?'

Planters to site next day. London team on it. Stunning job. Done.

We have a permanent London team for design and installation. For international events, apartments, businesses, roof gardens, homes and urban design, we will be there.

Contact us for designs, including designer plants and self watering planters, for all locations, from restaurant table settings to vast tropical plantings.

Pan Peninsula in Canary Wharf, London Pan Peninsula

Living Walls


The Living Wall is constructed of a modular panel system that is easily adjusted to fit any requirement.

The Living Panel modules have a specially developed substrate, designed to enable the plants to establish and thrive.

The panels are stacked onto the face of the building or wall to produce an inspirational vertical living dimension to your property.

Living Walls Living Wall at
EcoBuild 2010


The vertical living system is highly adaptable.

Injecting interest into small private or commercial spaces, bringing interest and intimacy to al fresco dining, or simply to introduce a sense of tranquillity to your life.

Our designs are always to the forefront of architectural design.


Contact us for all Green Roof and Living Wall projects.

Green Wall Detail

Detail of the Living Wall. All plants were supplied by East of Eden Plants.

We create bespoke planting schemes to match each installation location.

Vertical Living Walls
(PDF download)


Green Roofs


We undertake Green Roof installations in London and all major cities.

For Green Roof installation, from sedum to wild flower mixes, Roof Garden design, including planting troughs and instant screens Contact us

Instant Hedge roof installation case study instant hedge

Our wooden trough planters in Roof Garden design wooden troughs roof design

Green Roof Design We use only proven Green Roof systems

Green Roofs and Living Walls are a viable improvement with many benefits in most urban environments, provided you employ experienced bio-installers.

We are a main gateway for the complete process, with teamwork partnerships in all disciplines.

Contact us for all Green Roof and Living Wall projects.

Green Roof Mediterranean and Meadow Mix Mediterranean and Meadow Wildflower mixes are ideal options for Roof Garden Design, restoring biodiversity in urban environments.

A Cheshire home


Over two years in the making, this large project went through all architect led stages and CAD animated walkthroughs, and included our specifics for a temperature and humidity controlled environment for planting a rich tropical poolside setting.

On projects we work with architects through all stages bringing consultative flair and the logistics for creating our award winning unique biomes and planting schemes to any given location.

Contact us for living biomes in your project living biomes

Architects - contact Peter Belton - 01752 829178


Tropical poolside

Slideshow opens in new window Cheshire tropical poolside slideshow


Inspirational garden design


Creating inspirational gardens is still our passion, and at the heart of all we do.

A garden is meant to be a 'paradise on Earth' and we do keep to this vision in every design. We look forward to the visions of our clients, whose enthusiasm inspires us even more.

Mediterranean and Hardy Tropical Garden Design

Mediterranean or tropical?

- Both.

Our background in biology allows us to extend the plant species available in a changing climate, using local conditions for new possibilities of choice and sustainability.

Our planting experience means that we can use exotic and native plant species suitable for the UK climate to recreate unique world plant schemes and modern fusion gardens to order.

To the classical villa and expressionist hardy tropical pallets we can add our own new vertical green wall and green roof specialities. No space is safe from our design capabilities.

We create gardens that combine inspirational space for the human occupants as well as providing habitats for the local wildlife, especially the bees.

Vertical green walls

Who said vertical green walls had to be green?

This is a new technology - contact us for your installation

When you commission a design:

We will design your garden with you - your garden is as unique to us as it is to you.

We will talk you through how to protect your plants in winter and how to maintain and get the best from your garden all year round, because we design for green gardens that last all year round.

You may want to be ambitious and have a garden with world plants, but unless you know what will grow where, and what the correct species are, it could be a costly excercise in trial and error.

Our extensive experience in garden design means we understand our plants, and you get the garden you have always wanted.

Garden design with exotic plants

All-year-round greenery for depth, height, shade, grandeur, privacy - bamboo gives it all - but

you will, however, need the right bamboo species for your location - plus you will also need our professional-grade protective root-guard to keep the bamboo from spreading and causing damage.

Contact us for the garden of your dreams contact us garden

Mediterranean and tropical garden design Our design installations give you the right plants in the right location, leaving you with peace of mind, and a great design - priceless.

Your DIY Choice

Do you want to put your own pallet of plants together? A favourite delivery method of ours, and our clients, is to have all plants carefully and individually selected by us (but chosen by the client through talking to us), and then delivered altogether at a pre-arranged date. Request plants for a garden design  

You get the best quality plants in existence at competitive prices, plus a much wider choice than you get from any other single supplier, or locally - because if you want something we haven't got, we will get it for you, from anywhere in the UK or Europe if need be.

Our design pallette is huge. It is how we do our bespoke designs for the top shows and awards. We will do the same for you - we don't know any other way. Plus, for a small one-off fee, we can come and meet the delivery (or bring it with us) and lay out the plants to their best effect for you. No other plant or design company does this! So, even in a DIY garden we are there to help. DIY Garden Design with Our Plant Collection -
Case Study

Our Designer+ DIY option gives you the best of both worlds: you prepare your garden (with our soil advice for the intended plants), and we will bring a designer quality selection of plants and help you lay them out. We will tell you about any aftercare they need, which can be done either by yourself, or professionally. Priceless.

Designer plants being selected  

Case Study - From Designer Pallette to Plant Pallet
(PDF opens in new window) Designer pallette to plant pallet

Contact us for the garden of your dreams

Project Read how even working in Africa is not too far away to dream of a tropical garden back home in the UK

Royal William Victualling Yard, Plymouth


Decommissioned by the Navy in the 1960's, the Yard was refurbished in the new millenium by Urban Splash into premier waterside residences. It is a Grade 1 listed building.

We have worked on several projects in the Yard, including the Grand Opening, creating the Winter Gardens, and the tree planting in the old Brewery courtyard.

We worked with the architect to realise this complex multi-stage project.

Contact us for architect-led projects contact us architects

Stunning displays for any environment Winter Gardens

Situated right by the open sea, protected only by the Brewery buildings, in a courtyard built on reclaimed land, above a chatecomb of deep pits, planting two avenues of trees on a construction site in full swing presented quite a challenge.

10 metres deep pits were filled with graded ballast and brought up to near planting depth with loam and finer ballast. With the new paving level fixed, fresh water irrigation was installed into each pit. Top soil and tree anchors on site, all was ready for the arrival of the trees, Pyrus Calleriana 'Chanticleer'.

These were specified because of Barcham's white pot system which promotes a naturally shaped rootball without 'corkscrewing' and deformed taproots. Each rootball is a fine, even growth, essential for early establishment when planting with large trees. Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi was fundamental.

Five years on, the trees have established completely, trebling trunk girth, without any loss or damage of the collection. Blossoms on the trees in spring are always at least two weeks ahead of their nursery site in Cambridgeshire. The leaves stay on until late November or early December.



The Royal William Victualling Yard, Plymouth

Brewery Courtyard

RHS Chelsea Flower Show


We have chosen to decline commissions at RHS Chelsea flower shows to date, simply because of the logistical investment required to do justice to the premier Show.

However, we are always ready to help others. On several occasions we have been called in at the last minute to provide key plant specimens, which we are able to do with our own supply and extensive trade contacts throughout UK and European nurseries.

We were pleased to be able to come to the rescue and supply the right Olive tree for the RHS Show at the last minute. Our congratulations to Paula Ryan and Artillery Architecture & Interior Design. This garden lives on as a roof garden at the Amnesty International London headquarters.


Contact us first for the best supply and installation of plants contact us plants

RHS Chelsea Flower Show  

Dry Gardening

Gardening with little or no water at all can be achieved by using friendly mycorrhizal fungi to re-create the soil layer that exists in nature.

Whether as a private gardener or professional, you can buy small trial quantities from us to try it for yourself or a friend, and see how it helps plants resist drought and establish organic soil conditions for all plants, from trees to flowers and vegetables.

RootGrow Professional mycorrhizal fungi rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi

Rootgrow professional

Rootgrow Professional

Mediterranean and tropical plantscapes
SLIDESHOW (opens in new window)
Mediterranean and tropical garden plantscapes
Mediterranean and tropical garden plantscapes

Beautiful exotic and unusual gardens are not rare these days. Everywhere you look, in suburban gardens and townscapes are amazing displays of world plants.


We are specialists in using exotic plants that survive - and thrive - in the UK climate.

We also create interior plantscapes.

Our interior plantscapes include bespoke designed and built planter beds with irrigation to match any design project.

We supply colour-matched self watering planters for interior designs.

From boggy bottoms to sun-baked tops, we know what will be happy where, what goes together, how to create stunning effects of form, colour and texture with a wider array of world plants than you may yet be aware of, with new varieties being added to the list all the time.


We design and supply planting schemes to suit all kinds of gardens and landscaping projects.


Virtual Design - See your garden transformed

Send us an image,
and we will communicate
our design ideas virtually.

We create planting schemes from ground plans and drawings.

For beautiful garden design and landscaping with hardy exotic, tropical, Mediterranean and other world plants  
Call 01752 829178 or 0781 279 7127    
East of Eden Plants     

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