East of Eden Plants is a specialist supplier growing and supplying Hardy Exotic plants, including Tropical plants, Mediterranean plants and other world plants, for all your new exotic garden and landscape project adventures. We also specialise in an exciting range of conservatory and interior plants and can undertake all design work for you. Our aim is to supply superior exotic plants and designs to suit all exterior and interior spaces in the UK. Buy the plants and garden design accessories we use. Our PLANT FINDER SERVICE means that you get the same quality of plants as award-winning designers.

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Exotic and tropical planting themes
Part 1 Hardy exotic and tropical planting (download)

Hardy plants for exterior pots and planters Hardy plants for exterior pots & planters (download)

Custom plant pallets - case study Hardy plants for exterior pots & planters


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Bamboo Collection  

Our philosophy is simple. When it comes to plants, more is better.

Climate change scientists say we need a billion more trees (or biomass equivalent) to absorb excess carbon dioxide, pure plant food, from the atmosphere.

Citrus Guide Create a Bamboo Walk  
  Plants for a Green Planet - Contact Us  for Tropical and Mediterranean Planting Schemes

Anywhere without plants is a desert. This includes urban and suburban spaces.

Plants also heal the soul (anyone with a beautiful garden, just smile and nod). The word 'Paradise' started life as meaning 'Garden', and was first used in the desert.

  We are here to provide you with an access to your dreams and make them a 'plantable' reality. Doing It Yourself? Get Us Involved for a Sound Investment
Hardy Tropical Garden Bed
  Which plants? Which plant knowledge? Which design? It's up to you. Just ask.  
  We provide -  


Mediterranean Garden Design  
  • As established designers, we already source the best plants in the UK and EU. We supply single unique specimens, customised pallets, and whole designs. Plants come from our own stock and holding nurseries throughout Europe. We personally inspect, collect and collate plants from grower partners across the EU to realise any design, or to supply to our clients.
  • Our sourcing saves you time and money - and guarantees you quality.


Our Hydroponics at Hampton Court - Contact Us to help with Your Project  
  • Our specialisms in Mediterranean and hardy tropical species suitable for temperate zones has grown out of a lifetime of working with UK species. We can recreate the world's biomes using plants that can tolerate British hardiness zones, or will thrive in protected spaces. We can select plants for any British environment: hot, cold, wet or dry; sunny or shade; windy or coastal; interior or exterior.
  • Our experience means your investment is tried and tested.


  • We have worked on projects with gardeners at Kew and gold medalists at the RHS Flower Shows. Our own designs range from private courtyards to urban plantscapes; prestigious commercial developments and remodelled mansions. We have worked with D-I-Y enthusiasts, garden visionaries, designers and architects. Our dedicated London design team covers the Greater London area.
  • The client, the location and the plants: each design is unique.



Talk to Us about Tropical Zoning  
  • Our practical, award-winning design flair is inspired by nature. Botanical scientific knowledge means that we create successful planting spaces from urban to coastal. Our new innovations extend to vertical walls, roof gardens, hydroponics, drought zones, flood plains, low light, urban renewal, eco-renewal, sustainability, bio-diversity, edible gardens and spiritual renewal. Our customers are individuals, businesses, public sector, schools, and the design trade - everyone.




  • Life is too short to choose bad plants. We have access to the best; we only work with and supply the best, at realistic prices. Chefs will tell you that their creations can only be as good as the ingredients. Likewise, we too, only work with the best plants to achieve the best results. Our designs are living and award-winning. All of our plants have been grown with the utmost professional care and expertise. They are direct trade and designer stock; they do not come from a mass retail environment. This allows everyone, from a single plant buyer to a lifestyle investor, to experience the true joy and splendour that healthy plants bring to life on earth.



  • Form;shape;colour;shade;fragrance;ambience;empathy. Plants together build a powerhouse.
Eco Green Roof with Wildflowers - CONTACT US for Bio-innovation Projects  


  • This year, thanks to the global financial stumble, we are all reminded of what is really important. Focus has turned from unsustainable consumption to rebalancing the books written by Nature.
    We are reminded, one again, that we have only one planet.
  • It's high time we all invested in something with true value..

Contact us for Green Roofs Green roofs

  Mediterranean Palms at Kew - Contact us for your Palm Island and More

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Long-lasting pre-assembled
trough planters
Custom colour service

Trough planter with Phormiums - Buy in Natural or Coloured Finishes

Roof Garden

Instant Green Screens

Roof Garden with Instant Green Screen Security Hedging - Contact us about Roof Garden Design, and Instant Green Screens with Security



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Order online, contact us by phone or use the request form to email for your quote on thousands of competitively priced British, Mediterranean, tropical and other world plant offers, and our design and landscaping services.


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Hedging plants up to 1.8m

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Plant lists, garden accessories, garden design items and growth products are available now in our Online Shop

Use the products we specify in our designs.

Plant lists are constantly being updated with seasonal bargains.

We sell all plants, garden designs and landscaping services by quotation, ensuring quantity price reductions are passed on to you.

You don't need to know the names of the plants ~

You can order a plant list with our award-winning advice and suggestions. The cost of plant lists are refunded when you order a full design from us. ORDER FORM


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Availability List PLANT LIST

Butia Capitata - Contact us for all Palms


Olive Trees for Sale - with Planting Advice

For the best results,
plant out with

Rootgrow & Rootgrow Professional

Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi - use for all new and existing planting

Exotics and UK favourites -
all plants available

Go Bananas! Contact us to Buy

And, yes, we have some bananas!

In addition to our own hardy exotic, Mediterranean and tropical plant range we are linked to a specialist growers network throughout the UK.

We specialise in 1000's of Mediterranean and tropical plants that will grow outdoors in the UK - including oranges, olive trees
and Bougainvilleas.

We will source for you a vast range of plant species from around the world, including ranges of trees, palms, desert plants, Mediterranean plants, tropical and sub-tropical interior plants, hardy exotics, bamboos, grasses - the list is endless!

Click to enlarge
Norfolk Pine - with Cypress trees in the background.


The Wollemi Pine - what's this?


Olive trees in an Oxford Garden - Contact us for Your Olive Trees
Contact us for Olive Trees
in Garden Design

  Cypress sempervirensCamelia Standard Philodendron 'Imperial Green' - Contact us for all Interior Plants Can't find tall cyprus trees?
Contact us for Tall Cyprus Trees for Instant Design Impact

Architect Design Projects

On projects we work with architects through all stages bringing consultative flair and the logistics for creating our award winning unique biomes and planting schemes to any given location.

Contact us for living biomes in your project


Case Study: Indoor Tropical Pool Design  
Architects - contact Peter Belton - 01752 829178 Design

DIY Garden Design with Hardy Exotic, Tropical and Mediterranean Plants


Request Plants for a Unique Tropical or Mediterranean Garden Design


Looking to Buy Plants for your DIY Garden Design Project?

DIY? We're on the case

Now you can tackle any size of project with hardy tropical, exotic and Mediterranean garden design with confidence.

We provide you with the plants AND the knowledge to improve your investment.

DIY Gardening - we help with the choice of plants - and make site visits on your project
Doing your own project? We help with the choice of plants and make site visits

DIY Case Study -
(PDF document opens in new window)

  We provide plants AND our award-winning garden design and planting advice on DIY projects.

Even on DIY projects, with our supply-only design pallets, full of individually selected designer quality plants, you can get our award-winning garden design and planting advice. For a small fee, you can get a site visit from us, and we will meet the plants on planting day.

  Read the case study below for more information    
  Case Study -
From Designer Pallette to Plant Pallet (PDF opens in new window) Designer pallette to plant pallet



As specialist plant growers, our knowledge of where the plants will thrive enables us to help you with planting schemes, plant advice and plant care when you buy plants from us.



Pictures from our nursery




  Nursery Click to enlarge

Olive trees for sale for UK Garden Designs

Olive Trees for Sale for UK Garden Designs

  Nursery 17

Olives - Olive Trees for Sale - from Small to Biblical

Nursery 25

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  Plants that feed and water themselves    

Self watering planters and plants
Home & Office Solutions

Water your Plants without mistakes - Lechuza Self Watering Planter SystemLechuza Self Watering Planters

Office plants + office self watering planters

Home plants + home self watering planters


Custom Colour Service


All PLANTERS - Interior - Exterior - Self watering - Custom colours - designer ranges


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