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Instant Hedging & Instant Screening

Commercial and garden boundary - instant mature hedge screening

We are UK dealers for Green Screen® instant hedging and screening in the UK. Ideal for Garden and playgrounds, office and parking, graffiti prevention, highways, buildings and cladding, roof gardens and hardstanding, visual impact screening to 4m in height.


Instant Hedges and Screens



Instant Hedging with a Security Fence and pre-grown Green Screen: options for the built environment

How we did it - Instant Green Screen Hedging Installed in a Day - CASE STUDY instant hedge troughs in a roof garden design case study

All hedge and tree screening solutions Hedge and tree screening solutions 

  Instant green screening and security fence combined at the O2

A three-tiered version of the instant GREEN SCREEN® - a living, pre-grown carbon-steel security fence and visual
low maintenance screening system.

  The 02 Dome

The 02 Arena concert venue Greenwich, London.

The Green Screen installation at the 02 looking towards the Station.

  Green Screen at the 02 - instant hedge and secure fence system provides an attractive boundary solution

Instant hedging options for roof gardens, terraces, and other built environments Hedging and screening solutions for roof gardens


Large wood trough planters large wood trough planters

Instant hedge and trough options
  Green Screen installed Instant hedges and
screening plants
Hedge and screening plants
Instant hedges and trough planting

Instant Green Screen Hedging and Pre-Grown Security Fencing in the Built Environment

Highways, railways, local authorities, housing associations, house builders, commercial and industrial developments, private and domestic developments, government developments, defence industry, leisure industry including pub, hotel and restaurant chains are all users of the Green Screen system.

The product is underpinned by consideration of aesthetic, security and sustainability issues and has been successfully deployed on Secured by Design led utility schemes as well as high specification architectural projects.
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Benefits of the GREEN SCREEN® instant hedge screening and security system

The Green Screen is a very cost effective solution to most sensitive perimeter issues. The benefits include:

  • Instant security provided by a 5mm galvanized welded mesh steel security fence

  • Will not grow above the designated height

  • Significantly reduces pollution

  • Instant privacy as the plants, typically Hedera Ivy, are fully grown when shipped

  • Provides an attractive, green and eco-friendly environment

  • A wide range of applications including building cladding and graffiti prevention.

  • Ideal for regeneration schemes and Sustainable Suburbia

  • Very low maintenance and the product’s appearance only improves with time

  • Patented and proven technology

  • 10 year guarantee


Our natural screens not only significantly improve the aestethics of a security fencing system, but have also received recognition for their biodiversity value.

We can also advise and supply additional plants for the instant screens to increase the Biodiversity Diversity Index, which will be well received by planning authorities and when companies apply for grant support, such as from the Regional Development Agency.

To further enhance the biodiversity aspect of our designs, we can also advise and incorporate vertical living wall systems into client projects.

Create an instant hedge that does not grow taller and wider with time. Simple maintenance, as with any hedge, is all that is required to maintain the optimum looks and condition.

This hedging system can be handled by a competent DIY-ER, or we can install it for you. Contact us for more details.


We plant with ROOTGROW Professional - Why? Rootgrow Professional

Green Screen case study Reading
Green Screen case study Alton Towers
Green Screen case study Waalre NL
Screens installed


Ideal uses include:

  • Gardens

  • Playgrounds

  • Office and parking

  • Graffiti prevention and Highways

  • Buildings and cladding

  • Roof gardens and hardstandings

  • Visual impact screening units in sizes up to 4 metres in height


Case study green screen roof garden in Nijm NL

  Hedera helix 'Goldchild' instant GREEN SCREEN hedge units 1.8m high Hedera helix 'Goldchild' prepared Instant Green Screen Hedera helix 'Goldchild'
Instant Green Screen
  Hedera helix 'White Ripple' prepared Instant Green Screen Hedera helix 'White Ripple'
Instant Green Screen

Instant GREEN SCREEN hedging is available in Hedera (ivy) varieties shown here.
Carpinus betulis (hornbeam) and Fagus sylvatica (beech) species are also available.


Contact us for installation options and datesGreen screen instant security and hedging

Quote - form opens in new windowGreen screen instant hedging

Creating garden boundaries with hedgesGreen screen instant hedge

Hedera helix 'Glacier' prepared Instant Green Screen Hedera helix 'Glacier'
Instant Green Screen

Instant hedge troughsinstant hedge troughs

Roof garden design - case study instant hedge troughs in a roof garden design



We provide full garden design and landscaping services


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Instant hedge troughs
Instant hedges with troughs for roof gardens instant hedge troughs for roof gardens

We supply quality Mediterranean, exotic and tropical plants, from our own grown stock as well as handpicked specimens from premier UK and European nurseries.


We have a scientific understanding of world plant types and specialise in the supply of hardy exotic plants including tropical plants, Mediterranean plants and plants from other parts of the world, to suit gardens and interiors for everyone.


With our plant knowledge, we can match plants to every situation and supply you with an abundance of top quality specimens and accessories to create the garden environment of your dreams, inside and outside.


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