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East of Eden Plants design gardens, plantscapes, courtyards, sun terraces and superior patios with plants from around the world. We are experts in creating themed designs from climate zones including desert, Mediterranean, tropical, sub-tropical and mountain regions from every continent, creating stunning exterior and interior designs.

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Plantscapes - garden landscaping
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Does your garden or sun-terrace have a hot-spot where everything fries and bakes in the high summer sun? Great! This is just what our Mediterranean selection is looking for.

For contrast, our deep shade loving plants have a beguiling beauty.

Each of the world's thousands of plant species has evolved to thrive within specific sets of growing conditions, or biomes. Whether it's hot sun, deep shade, poor sandy soil, waterlogged conditions, constantly humid with high temperatures, or arid high temperatures with low night temperature drops, plants have evolved to cope with every condition from desert to tundra, salty maritime coasts to high mountain ranges.

sing botanical science, plant experience and art, we specialise in the applied use of a diverse range of Mediterranean, tropical and other world exotic plants, suitable for the UK environment, in a sustainable setting to create living styles and contemporary atmospheres flowing from inside to outdoors.


  • Exotic, tropical and Mediterranean
  • Low maintenance options
  • Designs for Easy Access
  • Designed by experts
  • Landscaped by experts
  • Planted by experts

For the price of a holiday abroad, why not have an exotic garden of your dreams to come home to - always - forever!

Looking for a stunning exotic focal point for your garden? We have them!

We have a scientific understanding of world plant types and specialise in the supply of hardy exotic plants including tropical plants, Mediterranean plants and plants from other parts of the world, to suit gardens for everyone.

With our plant knowledge, we can match plants to every garden situation and supply you with an abundance of top quality specimens to create the garden environment of your dreams.

World plants, hardy exotic, tropical and Mediterranean plants are hand picked, high quality species that have been sourced by specialists from around the world.

Our prices are always very competitive, and we supply plant varieties in a wider range than are available in any single location. The larger the plant the better the deal. However, our emphasis is always on the premier quality of our plants.

Contact us for individual specimen plants, new borders, problem areas and complete redesign.

Talk to us about soil improvement and drainage: plants need the best conditions to thrive. We can help improve drainage and soil composition as part of a new garden design scheme, using organic soil restoration techniques.

At East of Eden Plants we really do gardens - if you want a unique design, an exotic garden, a tropical garden, a formal Mediterranean garden, or something new - no matter what your budget, we can help:

  • an expert botanical science-based consultation will tell you what is possible
  • soil preparation will greatly improve your level of success
  • for more choice of exotic plants than you may know about ask the experts
  • if you just want the job done, from start to finish, we guarantee success
  • if you want expert guidance, we can help
  • our prices are budget-based
  • whether your project is small or large, we can help
  • green investment makes sense - it will enhance your life as well as your property value.


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We are proud users and official stockists of organic Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi. Buy the products the experts use.

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Our exterior tropical and Mediterranean plant selection is frost-hardy and will suit most gardens with a little care.

Even northern gardens will benefit, especially with a conservatory for winter backup for your feature citruses.

In the south-West, many plants will keep outside, including bamboos, bananas and olives.

Palm 2

We recommend Rootgrow and RootgrowPlus™ for all new planting.

We sell all plants, garden designs and landscaping services by quote. Contact us by phone or email for your quote on thousands of competively priced Mediterranean, tropical and other world plant offers, and our design and landscaping services.

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The images shown are typical plants used by us in our designs.
Follow the tours.


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See our high quality garden design accessories


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We supply quality Mediterranean, exotic and tropical plants, from our own grown stock as well as handpicked specimens from premier UK and European nurseries.

We also provide full design and landscaping services

And it doesn't end there- we can supply gazebos and other high quality garden accessories

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  Tropical, Desert and Mediterranean

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Call us on 01752 829178 or 0781 279 7127 to check plant availability, like these gorgeous Bougainvillea and fruiting citrus varieties.


Order a Plant List from us ~ and we will deduct this cost when you order a design from us!


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  Tree Fern

Our private viewing nursery contains a special fernery, where many varieties of ferns and shade-loving plants, like these fine eight-foot tree-ferns and their smaller friends, can grow all year round.

We can fill any area of your garden with exotic and tropical plants!

Ferns make a great show in deep shade areas created by trees and buildings.



Not only do we supply top quality plants, but also offer a design and consultancy service, as well as an integrated delivery service.

Phone or email us for details.



Eucalyptus and black bamboo - tough plants that create dramatic colour contrast all year round.

Eucalyptus and bamboo
  Plantscapes - garden landscaping

Now you can fill your garden and sun-terraces with colourful and exotic hardy tropical and Mediterranean plant forms, hand selected for quality and appearance.



'Hardy' exotics are not frost-tender, varieties of olives and exotic palms, and some species, like this pictured Chusan Palm, will cope with as low as -12°C.

ome plants, such as citrus, will require an unheated conservatory or glasshouse over winter ~ no problem, ask us about 'pot movers'.

Chusan palm
  Plantscapes - garden landscaping  
  We have a wide range of plants for every part of your garden. We can even help you fill or tranform problem areas, from boggy bottoms to sun-baked tops! Garden 1
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Planters - interior - exteriorUnbreakable self watering planters Self watering planters for exotic and tropical plants

With our knowledge of garden micro-climates, species behaviour and plant ranges, we can supply the right exotic and tropical plants and design for you the garden of your dreams, from sun terraces to shady arbours - from conservatory splendour to stylish indoor displays for business and home.

Landscaping - pond
  Call us 01752 829178 or 0781 279 7127

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