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Choosing Plants for Garden Design with Confidence

Specialist plantscape designers and plant suppliers of Hardy Exotic plants, including Tropical plants, Mediterranean plants and other world plants, for your garden. We also specialise in an exciting range of conservatory and interior plants. Our aim is to supply exotic plants and designs to suit all exteriors -gardens to urban landscapes - and interior spaces - atriums to offices - in the UK.

Plants for Hardy Exotic, Tropical and Mediterranean Garden Designs


As experienced designers and plant specifiers, we can reduce the stress and disappointment when selecting the plants to suit your dream garden.

Astelia 'Silver Spears'

Our Unbeatable Plants Design Offer:

  • Professionally grown plants
  • Widest plant choice
  • Pallet discounts
  • Designer guidance
  • Project visit options
  • Consultation / planting visit options
  • Growing guidance
  • Installation options
  • Maintenance guidance

We help you design your garden

We help you choose your plants


Our design skills help you

Our design skills and specialist plant knowledge means we can help you select a combination of plants to suit your needs and deliver them directly to you by pallet.

Plants arrive together, when you need them - at the planting stage.

The time spent searching for plants is eliminated - your time can now be focussed on creating your dream garden.

Cycas revoluta  

DIY Tropical Garden Design Project
DIY Pallets - Case Study

'From Designer's Palette to Plant Pallet' Designer's Pallete to Plant Pallet

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Our garden plants advice

Most clients recognise how difficult it is to locate a complete range of hardy exotics plants locally for their planting plan and often lack confidence in the advice given.

Phormium tenax Variegata on pallet   Bamboo gives all round green performance
Mediterranean Design

Our garden design experience

When you talk to us about your project, you can be sure that you are talking directly to experienced suppliers who ARE designers.

Our plant stock is used for award-winning designs and prestigious projects, including Kew Gardens and RHS Flower Shows, yet our plants are competively trade-priced.


Agave Americana   Mediterranean Garden Design
Tropical Design

Our garden plants quality - Our design experience

Our quality and choice is the best available. We add to that our design experience and guidance. So what you get is unbeatable value for money - just what making your dream garden is all about.

Olives in all sizes   Courtyard Garden with Ancient Olive Tree
Olive Tree Garden

We help you with choosing the right plants

Whether you have a small town garden or a grand project, ask our advice and you will receive plants of the highest quality and suited to your location.

Agave variegated   Mediterranean Pine Island - Kew
Kew Gardens

Our garden design choice

If you would like our expertise to help you to create your dream garden, whilst still being in control of events and budget, and to order a ‘Design Pallet’, please call us on 01752 829178, or contact us using our Design Advice Request Form.

Phormium 'Yellow Wave'

Our unbeatable plant supply service means you are in full control of your project, with all the help and expert knowledge you need at any stage, on hand. Just ask:

  • Choosing the right plants
  • Designing with plants
  • Delivering the plants
  • Planting the plants
  • Care of the plants
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Telephone 01752 829178 or 0781 279 7127





Samples from our library - free downloads.


TROPICAL and EXOTIC PLANTS for GARDENS CatalogueTropical and exotic garden planting themes  

Case Study -From Designer Pallette to Plant Pallet Designer pallette to plant pallet

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Deliveries - Whether you order from our private viewing nursery, by phone, email or from the website, we will deliver large items to you. Delivery charges are kept to a minimum! Prices on application.

We regularly deliver large plants and large quantities of smaller plants in the UK. Please ring us or email for your customised delivery price of items.



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