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We recommend Rootgrow for all new plantings - especially trees and hedges. More Rootgrow mycorrhiza information

Planting trees with bare-roots and whips - use Rootgrow Professional as a gel Rootgrow Professional

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By planting in the autumn you can let Mother Nature do all the hard work for you when it comes to watering, and your tree gets the whole autumn, winter and following spring to really get roots established before the onset of summer.

Planting with Rootgrow during the growing seasons will establish a secondary root system of mycorrhizae typically within four weeks. This early establishment of micorrhizae is particularly effective in dry conditions.

We use Rootgrow to help tree roots establish and cope with drought.

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Beautiful exotic and unusual gardens are not rare these days. Everywhere you look, in suburban gardens and townscapes are amazing displays of world plants.

How do they do that? you wonder. Can I have plants like that? Will they survive the winter?

Of course! Just check out those planting schemes year on year - they do survive! The world is full of beautiful plants that are tough survivors, yet they are still elegantly stunning, breathtakingly colourful and just - well, superb.

Palms and other exotic plants have been growing out of doors in Britain for centuries. Parts of England and Scotland are officially classed as sub-tropical, and the climate is still getting warmer! We all have our worries about this, but one thing is for certain, in our lifetime Mediterranean temperatures in parts of the UK are here to stay. The upside in our country, is that a new invasion of world plant species has arrived and is being enjoyed in gardens and townscapes all around us, no more so than in the south-West.

At East of Eden Plants, not only do we plant the 'average' tried and tested exotic plant varieties that have been used over the past years, but we also use new naturalised and tested species growing in this country, giving you an even wider choice of colour, form and texture for your garden.

We have scientific knowledge of the growing requirements of our vast exotic plant selections and have the experience of their good plant natures and habits and preferred habitats.

Our artistic and design experience and appreciation of planting schemes for effect means you can design your garden with us with confidence.

In short, we know our plants!

From boggy bottoms to sun-baked tops, we know what will be happy where, what goes together, how to create stunning effects of form, colour and texture with a wider array of world plants than you may yet be aware of, with new varieties being added to the list all the time.

All our palms and native trees are superb specimens, selected for quality and appearance, and ready for garden and all landscaping projects.


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We recommend Rootgrow for all new planting.



Commercial GREEN SCREEN® instant hedging and security screen Green screen instant hedging and instant screening

Tree Identifier

Trees in the Community

The Tree Council

Ancient Tree forum

The Big Tree Register
Britain's big trees

Restoring native woodland

Tree for All - Woodland Trust campaign

Tree Protection - TPO's

Planning, Building and the Environment - Trees and tall hedges

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Ready to plant - trees and hedges

Plant trees and hedges all year round from containerised stock - plant with Rootgrow for early establishment and reduced drought stress.

The new 'white pot' container grown trees range can be planted all year round with Rootgrow

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Selected designer Trees for sale

Our Top Trees

Small trees for urban gardensRootgrow Professional

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Large trees for interest Rootgrow Professional

Evergreen trees Rootgrow Professional

Mediterranean trees Mediterranean trees

Trees for coastal sites Trees for coastal sites

Trees with interesting bark Trees  with interesting bark


Designer selected Hedges for sale

Hedging units - hedge plants

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Tropical and Exotic plants
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Samples from our library - free downloads when you login or create an account for free

TROPICAL and EXOTIC PLANTS for GARDENS CatalogueTropical and exotic garden planting themes  

Case Study - From Designer Pallette to Plant Pallet Designer pallette to plant pallet


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Where possible we specify 'white pot' grown trees for healthy rootballs



Betula utilis jacquemontii


Introducing height and structure in a garden design can be very rewarding. Trees are often used for this purpose. As the largest design elements, trees define the nature and character of the whole garden design.



Olive trees for a new garden Olive Trees

Container grown trees for all year round planting

Plant container grown trees all year round with ROOTGROW

Availability List - contact us for latest prices, delivery charge and date

Name Latin Name Size Size
Norway Maple Acer platanoides deborah (Red leaves) 14-16 45L
Sycamore Acer pseudoplatanus leopoldii (yellow & green) 14-16 45L
Silver Maple Acer saccharinum wieri (large toothed leaves) 16-18 45L
Horse Chestnut Aesculus hippocastanum baumannii (no conkers) 16-18 45L
Amelanchier Amelanchier Lamarckii (copper leaves) 10-12 45L
Silver Birch Betula pendula 16-18 85L
Weeping Birch Betula pendula youngii 10-12 45L
Hornbeam Carpinus betulus 12-14 45L
Cedar Cedrus deodara 2.5-3m 85L
Golden Ash Fraxinus excelsior jaspidea 12-14 45L
Weeping Ash Fraxinus excelsior pendula 10-12 45L
Apple Malus cox orange pippin 10-12 45L
Apple Malus James Grieve 10-12 45L
Crab Apple Malus rudolph (rose red flowers) 14-16 85L
Lombardy Populus nigra italica 10-12 45L
Flowering Cherry Prunus Kanzan ( dark pink flowers) 18-20 85L
Flowering Cherry Prunus shirofugen (double white flowers) 16-18 85L
Flowering Cherry Prunus umineko ( white flower) 14-16 45L
Lime Tilia platyphyllos 16-18 45L
Lime Tilia platyphyllos Rubra (red twigged) 16-18 45L
Willow Salix x sepulcralis chrysocoma 12-14 65L

Smaller tree sizes


Acer campestre 200-250cm c.g.
Acer globosum 6-8cm c.g.
Acer griseum 80-100cm 5L
Acer plat.Crimson King 150-175cm 10L
Aesculus hippocastanum 3L
Amelanchier canadensis 6-8cm c.g.
Amelanchier canadensis 4-6cm c.g.
Amelanchier canadensis 200-250cm 15L(MS)
Betula pendula 8-10cm c.g.
Betula pendula 6-8cm c.g.
Betula pendula 200-240cm 10L
Betula pendula 175-200cm 10L
Betula pendula 175-200cm 5L
Betula pendula 150-175cm 3L
Fagus sylv.Fastigiata 8-10cm c.g.
Fagus sylv.Pendula 10-12cm c.g.
Fagus sylv.Pendula 8-10cm c.g.
Fagus sylv.Purpurea 6-8cm c.g.
Fagus sylv.Purpurea 150-175cm c.g.
Fraxinus oxy.Raywood 6-8cm c.g.
Malus Evereste 150-175cm 10L
Malus Golden Hornet 175-200cm c.g.
Malus Red Jade 150-175cm c.g.
Malus Rudolph 8-10cm c.g.
Malus Rudolph 175-200cm 10L
Malus floribunda 6-8cm c.g.
Malus tschonoskii 10-12cm c.g.
Malus tschonoskii 8-10cm c.g.
Malus tschonoskii 6-8cm c.g.
Morus nigra 3L
Prunus Amanogawa 10-12cm c.g.
Prunus Amanogawa 6-8cm c.g.
Prunus Hillieri Spire 175-200cm c.g.
Prunus Kanzan 175-200cm 10L
Prunus Pink Perfection 6-8cm c.g.
Prunus Tai Haku 6-8cm c.g.
Prunus Ukon 6-8cm c.g.
Prunus Ukon 175-200cm c.g.
Prunus avium 6-8cm c.g.
Prunus avium 2L
Prunus sargentii 175-200cm 15L
Prunus sub.Aut.Rosea 175-200cm c.g.
Prunus yedoensis 150-175cm c.g.
Salix caprea 10L
Salix mats Tortuosa 8-10cm c.g.
Sorbus aria 10-12cm c.g.
Sorbus aria Lutescens 10-12cm c.g.
Sorbus aria Lutescens 8-10cm c.g.
Sorbus aria Majestica 10-12cm c.g.
Sorbus auc.Asplenifolia 8-10cm c.g.
Sorbus auc.Fructu Luteo 10-12cm c.g.
Sorbus aucuparia 8-10cm c.g.
Sorbus aucuparia 6-8cm c.g.
Sorbus aucuparia 5L
Sorbus cashmiriana 10L
Sorbus cashmiriana 5L
Sorbus commixta 10-12cm c.g.
Sorbus commixta 8-10cm c.g.
Sorbus Discolor 12-14cm c.g.
Sorbus Discolor 10-12cm c.g.
Sorbus domestica 12-14cm c.g.
Sorbus domestica 10-12cm c.g.
Sorbus hupehensis 8-10cm c.g.
Sorbus hupehensis 6-8cm c.g.
Sorbus intermedia 12-14cm c.g.
Sorbus intermedia 10-12cm c.g.
Sorbus intermedia Browers 10-12cm c.g.
Sorbus intermedia Browers 8-10cm c.g.
Sorbus Joseph Rock 8-10cm c.g.
Sorbus Joseph Rock 6-8cm c.g.
Sorbus sargentiana 12-14cm c.g.
Sorbus Sheerwater Seeding 10-12cm c.g.
Sorbus Sheerwater Seeding 8-10cm c.g.
Sorbus vilmorinii 120-150cm 5L


All stock subject to availability: This month's list of container trees is priced inclusive of VAT. Delivery is anywhere in the UK, charged extra depending on your area, at cost, and size of order. No minimum order.
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Amelanchier lamarckii -Snowy mespilus-June Berry

Amelanchier lamarckii - Snowy mespilus - June Berry

A very beautiful, small, North American tree that is attractive in all seasons, even in winter when its spreading crown of fine shoots makes a satisfying, dense, shrubby shape. In March the branches erupt with a froth of star-shaped flowers in lax conical heads, just as the coppery pink young leaves unfold - in summer these are yellowish green, but later turn scarlet and crimson.

Amelanchier lamarckii Snowy mespilus -June Berry - flowers
Amelanchier lamarckii - flowers

In July the tree is studded with dark red berries which become purple-black as they ripen. The Royal Horticultural Society has given it the Award of Garden Merit (AGM).


Plant trees responsibly.
See our guidance notes on
Choosing Trees for an Urban GardenRootgrow Professional


Our Top Trees

Small trees for urban gardensRootgrow Professional

Medium trees for interest - our top medium treesRootgrow Professional

Large trees for interest - our top treesRootgrow Professional

Evergreen trees Rootgrow Professional

Mediterranean trees Rootgrow Professional

Trees for coastal sites Rootgrow Professional

Trees with interesting bark Rootgrow Professional

Where possible we specify 'white pot' grown trees Rootgrow Professional

What's this?
Rootgrow Professional

Delivery of Prunus to the Royal William Yard

Please remember when ordering trees that delivering trees to site is a bit of an operation. Even though we are used to this, every design project is different.

Large trees are delivered by lorry. Typical cost for even a short distance could be around £75 per delivery for the UK mainland, but could be considerably more, even though we deliver at cost. Please check with us for the delivery cost to your area.

The good news is that the delivery charge for lorries is the same whether the number of trees you want is 1 or 20! You probably wouldn't want a single small tree delivered by this method, but we can deliver single specimens up to 4 metres by van, or you may be able to arrange a collection.

Small garden favorite trees - Prunus serrula Tibetica - the Tibetan Cherry

Grown mainly for its decorative bark, The Tibetan Cherry (Prunus serrula Tibeticca) is a small garden favourite.


Trees in a breeze - Our planting at the Royal William Yard

The newly revamped Royal William Yard, Plymouth - Darwin's last port before sailing on HMS Beagle to the Galapogos Islands. (Behind our trees - Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer - is the Bakehouse). more

Ancient Olive Tree on Mount Olympus
The Champion

We may not be able to deliver you this particular ancient Olive Tree - travellers may recognise that this is a photograph of Mount Olympus! - but we have many splendid siblings of Oleo Europa-Olive Trees for you to recreate this famous setting. Olive trees are hardy - Olive Guide

Container grown trees including 'white pot' grown trees can be planted all year round

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Choosing Trees in an Urban Garden

We love trees. Tall trees, short trees, evergreens, Mediterranean trees, tropical trees, palm trees, home grown British native trees -

Although some of the above trees may be associated with large open spaces, with our design experience we can recommend trees for the smallest of areas including courtyards and roof gardens. We can even supply very large pots and specialist compost for trees for sites with no soil. We also specialise in trees for interiors from the smallest office to the largest atrium area.

In addition to trees also see our range of TALL SHRUBS and CLIMBERS.

Trees grow typically 30 feet to 150 feet tall, some faster than others. The spread of the canopy and the roots will be equal to this. Trees typically weigh fifty tons to five hundred tons. If your project space cannot easily accommodate these facts you will have ongoing annual pruning costs which may be £100's a year.

Trees in gardens are a big commitment. Trees are the defining element in any garden design. Everything else is secondary and dominated by those trees. Trees use up considerable amounts of space, light and nutrients in your garden (although the nutrient use can be off-set with the use of ROOTGROW professional). If you plant too close to a boundary you will be taking you neighbour's light and space. Plant too close to a building and you will eventually damage it. Consider also any pipes or cables that are already in place within the project area. Remember rootsize is equal to the canopy size!

If the natural growth of the full grown canopy will project beyond your boundary you will need a written agreement with your neighbour.

You may decide with your neighbour on a tree planting project. Decide on the trees and on whose land the trees will be and put it in writing.

LINK: Trees for designs - Tips from the planning department

If you are thinking of putting in 'a few trees' like you are putting in 'a few annuals' then think again. Get expert advice. Our advisory service.

Please remember when ordering trees that delivering trees to site is a bit of an operation. Even though we are used to this, every project is different.

Large trees are delivered by lorry. Typical cost for even a short distance will be around £100 per delivery for the UK mainland, but could be considerably more. Please CHECK WITH US for the delivery cost to your area. The good news is that the delivery charge for lorries is the same whether you want 1 tree - or 50! You probably wouldn't want a single small tree delivered by this method, but you may be able to ARRANGE A COLLECTION.

Have you got the right trees for garden designs? We provide cost effective landscaping consultations to make sure you have the right trees in the right location. We will of course do the whole thing for you at very cost effective rates. It's what we do.

Our Trees shortlist

Note – some trees will appear in more than one category.

Small trees for urban gardens

Abies Koreana
Acer Silver Cardinal – Snakes Bark Maple
Acer palmatum’Osakazuki’
Amelanchier canadensis
Arbutus unedo (Strawberry tree)
Cornus Kousa Chinensis
Cornus Kousa Stella Pink
Cercis Canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’
Cercis siliquastrum
Prunus serrula Tibeticca - Tibetan Cherry
Prunus subhirtella Autumnalis
Feijoa sellowianaei
Olea Europa

Medium trees for interest - our top trees

Acacia dealbata
Acer Grisium paper bark
Catalpa bignonioides Aurea Indian Bean Tree
Cercidiphyllum Japonicum – Katsura tree
Cornus Contraversa Wedding cake tree
Gleditsia Triacanthus sunburst
Olea Europa
Prunus Serrula
Prunus Maakii

Large trees for interest - our top trees

Acer x Freemanii Autumn blaze
Betula Utilis Jacquemantii
Carpinus Betulis Fastidiata
Eucalyptus Gunnii
Gingko Biloba
Liquidamber styraciflua - varieties
Liriodendron Tulipifera  tulip tree
Parrotia persica - Persian Ironwood
Pyrus Calleryana Chanticleer
Sorbus Aria Lutesens whitebeam
Amelanchier lamarckii

Evergreen trees

Araucaria Araucana (Monkey puzzle tree)
Cedrus Deodara
Eucalyptus gunnii
Feijoa sellowiana
Laurus nobilis
Ligustrum lucidum ‘Variegata’
Magnolia grandifolia
Pinus pinea (ItalianStone Pine)  
Pinus nigra(Austriaca and Maritima
Pittosporum tenuifollium
Photinia Red Robin
Prunus Laurocerasus
Quercus ilex
Wollemi Pine

Mediterranean trees

Acacia dealbata
Arbutus unedo (Strawberry tree)
Cercis siliquastrum
Chamaerops humilis European palm
Cupressus sempervirens ‘pyrimidalis’ -Italian Cypress tree
Eriobotrya japonica
Eucalyptus gunnei
Feijoa sellowianaei
Ficus carica (Fig)acanthus ‘Sunburst’
Gleditsia triacanthos 'Sunburst'
Olea europoaea
Photinia x fraseri Red Robin
Pinus pinea (ItalianStone Pine)  
Pittosporum tenuifollium

Trees for coastal sites

Acer pseudoplantanus Negenia
Pinus nigra -Austriaca and Maritima
Pinus pinea -Italian Stone Pine
Populus tremula
Quercus ilex
Sorbus intermedia
Tamaraix tetandra

Trees with interesting bark

Betula utilis jacquemontii
Acer davidii
Acer grisium
Eucalyptus gunnii
Prunus serrula Tibeticca

Archive page: Trees for the UK new climateRootgrow Professional

Trees ~ centrepieces of any garden design project

Whether its classic UK garden design, or tropical or Mediterranean garden design themes, we source and specify only the best quality trees we can find. Where we can, we use white pot grown trees.

The traditional UK tree planting season is the dormant period October through to early March with bare root stock, but with airpot container trees the rootball is undisturbed and can be planted throughout the year. The use of Rootgrow mycorrhiza increases success rates.

Top tree selection

Our expertise of what grows where means we will select the right trees for you.

Life's too short to choose bad trees

Not all trees will do well in every situation.

Like all plants, trees are suited to their own environments and need their own growing conditions.

Always choose the best trees available, in particular you should pay attention to the root system.

We supply guaranteed quality plant stock always.

Contact us for advice and quotes by phone or email form.

White Pot grown Trees

White pot grown trees provide a much improved fibrous root system giving better transplant resilience and no transplant shock.

All sizes of trees available

Where possible we supply trees with the white pot system.

Olive trees are very well suited to UK gardens, especially small gardens and courtyard settings. They are slow growing and frost hardy when mature and create a perfect sense of peace wherever they appear.

The olive is the symbol of peace and prosperity - so say it with an olive tree!

Olive trees for sale

Olive trees - the symbol of peace and prosperity

Palms for all occasions

A wide selection of interior palms is available.

Use our plant finder or contact us to find out more.

Mediterranean climate trees

Cupressus Sempervirens
Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer - with inset flower We design and supply planting schemes to suit all kinds of gardens and landscaping projects.

(Pear) Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer (above - and right, in autumn glory) is particularly suited to the smaller garden, and are a good buy right now.

Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer - in autumn glory
Virtual Design - See your garden transformed

Use our unique landscaping and design services for a complete garden transformation. Virtually unbeatable!

Pleached lime trees and box hedging with citrus focal points - for a private Mediterranean dream garden

Cornus Contraversa - the Wedding Cake Tree Wedding Cake Tree

Chusan palm - click to enlarge

We do palms and other exotic trees as well as Mediterrranean trees and plants including olive trees

For beautiful garden design and landscaping with hardy exotic, tropical, Mediterranean and other world plants Contact Us for TREES and GARDEN DESIGNS Contact us for garden design
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