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We now offer a full repair and restoration service, including supply of thatched tiles, side canvases and accessories.

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This year we are excited to be able to offer a completely new range of models, as well as a bespoke service to suit your exact requirements.

sustainable Cape reed thatch

Professional construction on site can be arranged..

High quality range of Accessories available


To complete your Sub-Tropical or Mediterranean theme and evoke memories of

exotic holiday locations with an East of Eden Design and Exotic Plants.

In addition to a UK craftsmen built TropicaL Gazebo,

we can also offer a full design service specialising in Mediterranean and

Hardy Tropical themes. Alternatively we can supply you with a range of

mature Mediterranean and Hardy Tropical plants fresh from our

Import nursery sites direct to your site to enhance your own design


From our New Tropical Gazebo range and bespoke service we can offer you a choice of

Outdoor buildings to suit your requirements and that will fit into your garden perfectly.

Individually hand crafted in Oxfordshire workshops every East of Eden Garden Building

is hand made using the finest graded Redwood or Western Red Cedar.

All our buildings have three roof finishes to choose from:

Cape Reed Thatch, Combination Thatch and Cedar Shingle.


Although the Aston is our smallest gazebo, it is handcrafted using premium graded timber to the same high standards as all of our Luxury Garden Buildings.

Comfortably seating up to four people, this beautiful little gazebo is ideal for smaller gardens and is perfect for morning coffee, afternoon tea or a glass of wine on a summers evening.

Even with our rather inclement UK weather, you can still get away from it all and

sit in your Tropical Gazebo and enjoy you East of Garden of Earthly Delignts

protected from driving winds and rains by bespoke designed canvas sides.

The options of a Cedar shingle or thatched roof,

as well as glass table tops are now available.

Prices from £4,500


The Fawley is a compact gazebo whilst providing excellent accommodation and comfort.

The Fawley Tropical Gazebo is spacious enough for six people to dine or eight for drinks.

Like the Aston, is perfect for smaller spaces or a quiet corner of your garden .

With our comprehensive range of accessories, you can carry on

reading, or perhaps writing your novel until the early hours

The options of a Cedar shingle or thatched roof, as well as

glass table tops are now available with the Fawley Gazebo

Prices from £6,500


The Chalfont is  the most popular gazebo in our range.

​This highly versatile building with its large circular table and curved bench seating can accommodate eight people for dining and up to twelve for drinks.

This well proportioned garden building together with its two entrances is

very adaptable to any tyoe of Al Fresco event.

The options of a Cedar shingle or thatched roof, as well as

glass table tops are now available with the Chalfont Gazebo

Prices from £8,200



The Burford is a spacious, elegant building, able to accommodate up to fourteen people,

making it perfect for entertaining friends and family.

 As with all East of Eden Garden Buildings, the Burford is handcrafted to a high standard

using only premium graded timber, and is available with either

Cape Reed Thatch Tile or Western Red Cedar Shingle roof finishes.

Like the Chalfont, the Burford has two entrances ensuring ease of access

leaving you and your guests to enjoy any occasion to the full.

Prices from £10,000



Personal service

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It is essential to the installation of your building that the following guidelines are followed.

It is crucial that the site upon which your building is to be based is stable, sound, and level across its entirety. Whether you utilise an existing area or construct a new base we recommend you enlist the services of a reputable and qualified building contractor to ensure the area conforms to our requirements.

We regret that if the site is not on firm ground, stable and completely level it will not be possible to construct the building and additional charges will be applicable.

Your Tropical Gazebo can be installed onto a new or existing patio constructed using

either concrete, brick, paving or decking.

Whichever material you choose to use it is essential that the site is at least the size suggested for your particular building. It is important to note that the structure of the building is circular and the supporting posts extend slightly further than the base.

Outdoor living

Our range of Tropical Garden Buildings can be used as summer houses, outdoor offices,

or outdoor living rooms; they are even flame-retardent treated for banished smokers!

Landscape Designs

With our knowledge of garden micro-climates, species behaviour and plant ranges, we can supply and design for you the garden landscape of your dreams. We can realise any scale of project.

All prices quoted in our on-line shop include VAT.

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