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Rootgrow Mycorrhizal fungi ~ Feeding your Plants for Life

  Garden as Nature intended - plants that resist drought

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Nearly all plants benefit from using mycorrhizae

These new plants have been watered in by hand. But, with a hose-pipe ban, how will they survive now?


Top soil - Nature's Way
 ~restoring mycorrhiza~

Following 30 years of British scientific research, rootgrow and rootgrow professional natural friendly fungi -mycorrhizal fungi- are available to home gardens, parks, estates, landscaping,, motorway verges, urban regeneration.


In fact, everywhere the soil is disturbed or impoverished and the natural soil harmony that plants benefit from is diminished, rootgrow mycorrhizal preparation has the potential to re-create better and more natural growing conditions. Even stress from drought is tackled by rootgrow mycorrhiza.


Mycorrhizae work with nearly all plants. Mycorrhizal fungi work with plants especially well in difficult or arid soils.

Nearly all plants are able to benefit from the ability to create a mycorrhizal relationship and be fed this way for their lifetime.


The Rootgrow Professional ™ mycorrhizal range for professional and home use is available from the East of Eden Plants on-line shop


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Rootgrow Professional in 2.5, 5 and 10 Litre tubs Rootgrow Professional


Rootgrow™ is prepared from British native mycorrhizal fungi and comes in handy sizes from the RHS-endorsed sachet to the allotment society and landscaper professional range.

What are mycorrhizal fungi? Mycorrhizal fungi


Trees planted with Rootgrow in a marine environment

These trees (Pyrus calleryana 'Chanticleer') are planted within 30 metres of the sea on reclaimed land. Our use of Rootgrow during planting has led to the trees getting off to a good start and have matured well. More.

Rootgrow is easy to apply at planting time
Why use Rootgrow™?

Naturally occuring in the soil, mycorrhiza pair up with host plants for mutual advantage. Plants that are treated with commercially available mycorrhizal preparations outperform non-treated specimens with remarkable results. Rootgrow, the result of 30 years' work by a team of bioscientists, is such a product.

Friendly fungi - mycorrhiza - exist naturally with plants in a well-balanced soil. Over-cultivated plots, new building sites, commercial potting preparations - and new landscaping projects - all share one thing in common: reduced or damaged mycorrhizal presence in the soil.


Mycorrhizal fungi at Kew Gardens, the Mediterranean Beach Garden Rootgrow

Planting trees at Royal William Yard for Darwin Rootgrow

White Horse Wood trials Rootgrow

Treated growth rates
Rootgrow Wisteria sinensis Trial May to November 2004

RHS Growers' Association now endorse Rootgrow. October, 2008

The RHS do not usually endorse products, but now that the story of mycorrhizal fungi is established science, trial Rootgrow products badged by the RHS are now available.

"I have been using mycorrhizal fungi in the borders at Berryfields and can't get over how effective it is". Alice Fowler, Gardeners' World Magazine, January 2007

"You should certainly plant using rootgrow granules which, by means of fungal mycorrhizas, greatly magnify a plant's ability to absorb moisture from the soil."
Stephen Anderton, The Saturday Times 15th of April, 2006

Rootgrow™~how to tackle drought

Rootgrow Application Guide

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew save some of their oldest trees using mycorrhizal fungi Mycorrizal fungi in Kew

This column is just our précis of the word going round on this plantscaper's dream-come-true. We are happy to share this secret with you, because it should be common knowledge - and common practice - to all gardeners. There is no risk of over-populating your soil with this product: if your soil already has sufficient presence of mycorrhizal fungi, more will simply not establish against the already competing fungi. All you will have done is added cheap alginate (seaweed derived nutrients) mixed with clay pellets.

How will you know if you have enough mycorrhizal fungi present before you start? You won't, but if your soil is deficient, then the results may be dramatic! And at these affordable prices, the chance to find out is too good to miss. In any case, all plantings in new commercial compost for seeding, bedding, and potting will certainly benefit from the Rootgrow treatment.

All prices quoted in our on-line shop include VAT

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So, fight drought, fight disease, increase quality natural root growth without forcing - and get trees, hedges and a host of other plants off to a rapid start and a long healthy life.

Rootgrow Professional is easily applied by sprinkling the granule in the bottom of the planting hole.

Within 2-4 weeks the fungi will ‘germinate’ and grow into a vast secondary root system that will greatly benefit the plant.

This product is completely natural and eco-friendly.

For bare root trees and hedges use Rootgrow as a gel mix Rootgrow Professional



A one off treatment will give the following benefits for the lifetime of the plant.

  •     one treatment lasts forever (as the plant grows the fungal partner grows)
  •     better drought tolerance (due to the vast fungal root making best use of all available soil moisture)
  •     earlier and better growth (in 2-4 weeks after planting the mycorrhizal fungi can increase the active root area of plants by up to 700 times)
  •     better uptake of fertilisers when applied after planting (the network of mycorrhizal fungi act like a net catching nutrients and preventing leaching)
  •     increased uptake of obscure trace elements from the soil leading to increased plant health (the ultra fine fungal mycelium can unlock nutrients from the soil)
  •     reduced mortality of plants especially specimen plants and plants that are difficult to establish (the extended root system feeds the plant from very early on in its life)
  •     controlling rose replant disease (the friendly fungi grows faster than soil pathogens and naturally colonise weak points in the roots that pathogens would infect)

and Root professional does not work with ericaceous plants: heathers, nor rhododendruns, azaleas or brassicas because they do not have a micorrhizal relationship. A separate product is available for orchids.

For all trees, Coniferous and Native Trees use Rootgrow professional as a bareroot gel or powder application.




Increased growth in plug plants with Rootgrow

How do I use Rootgrow™?


Will my garden be full of mushrooms, then?
No. Not from the addition of Rootgrow™, at any rate. The mycorrhiza contained in the product range, chosen from an estimated 6,000 species, are not harmful to plant growth and do not produce fruiting bodies - they just reach down into the soil, up to ten times the depth of the plant roots, and yield up that amount of extra nutrients.


Few plant types don't have a relationship and won't benefit from using mycorrhizal fungi:
Rootgrow™ and RootgrowplusT does not work with ericaceous plants, i.e. Heathers, nor Azaleas, Brassicas and Rhododendruns.
For all trees, Coniferous and Native Trees,etc. use Rootgrowplus™.

Treated leeks on the right - with their untreated counterparts on the left.

RHS - The Garden [.pdf]by John Ardle

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Rootgrow Professional

Links to scientific papers

Role of mycorrhizal fungi - Dr John Dodd [.pdf]

Thyme Rose paper - Dr Miroslav Vosatka

RHS - Jon Ardle

Roses and drought tolerance

Better quality cuttings [.pdf]

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