Do you have an olive tree in the UK? Is it producing fruit? Are you able to eat the olives from your olive tree?

Olives are not edible straight from the tree- How to prepare olives for eating at the table

Great! Let us know. Join the Great British Olive Tree Survey and tell us everything about your olives.

There is not a food program on the TV these days where each dish starts with sloshing in the olive oil.. yet they go on about using fresh local produce.. reducing food miles.. Someone, no doubt, is going to make a fortune producing the first commercial olive oil in the UK.

Our ambition is smaller: we just want to know - so we can let everyone know - that there are some olive trees in Britain that are producing edible olives, especially in private gardens.

Serious science
Olive trees producing olives in the UK is a species indicator for the changing climate.
Olive trees are tough - did the worst winter in 30 years harm your tree? Let us know.

Join in and help us produce a UK map of successful olive growing in the UK.


Here's what to do
Let us know on the form what you do with your olives:

How many olives do you get?
How big is your olive tree?
Where (postcode) is your tree?
How long have you had your olive tree(s)?
Do you have any recipes for your olives?
Do you have any images of your olives and your olive tree? - You can use this form to send us images. Maximum image size 1Mb.

Do you know which variety (Frantoio, Manzanilla, etc) you have?

Grow your own olives in the UK for olive oil and edible olives
Olives growing In Edinburgh -
what's your story?


Images from the Olive Tree Survey

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