Plants and Planters - it's a deal! ENTER THE ROOTGROW SURVEY 2010


Please supply us with details of your ROOTGROW mycorrhizal fungi success in words and images.

For Rootgrow Professional users, every published success (no limit) will include FREE TRADE ADVERTISING for your business for the whole of 2010.

For wholesalers, you can include our offer of free trade advertising to landscaper and design professionals with proof of purchase.

Case studies showing 'with Rootgrow' and 'without Rootgrow' fair comparisons are more likely to be published.

Stories and images can be of seedtrays, window boxes, plug plants, bedding plants, planted beds, crop rows, flower beds, borders, pots, fields - your choice. Surprise us!

Please include your purchase order number or your name with your entry.

You can use this form to send us images of your successes. Please note that the maximum image size is restricted to 1Mb. Bigger sizes can be attached to an email and sent to us at


Let's get growing. Rootgrowers march on!

Rootgrow Mycorrhizal fungi is formulated from 100% natural UK sources


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