Unusual Garden and Interior Plants
Hardy tropical exotic garden plants and palms
Interior plants for design
East of Eden Plants design unusual gardens, plantscapes, courtyards, sun terraces and superior patios with plants from around the world. We are experts in creating themed designs from climate zones including desert, Mediterranean, tropical, sub-tropical and mountain regions from every continent, creating stunning exterior and interior designs with British, Mediterranean, exotic and hardy tropical plants.

Unusual Stunning Beautiful Inspirational Graceful Elegant Stylish Unbeatable Plants

These unusual plants are a selection of plants we use in our garden designs and which you can buy from us. As well as hardy garden plants we have a full range of indoor plants and palms for the atrium, conservatory or office.

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Unusual garden plants - Livistona chinensis
Livistona chinensis




Unusual garden plants - Cordyline australis
Cordyline australis

Unusual garden plants - Cycas revoluta
Cycas revoluta



Unusual garden plants - Brahia armata
Brahia armata

Unusual garden plants - Cordyline-Torbay-Dazzler
Cordyline Torbay Dazzler

One of the hardiest exotic plants.

Unusual garden plants - Washingtonia
phoenix canariensis
Phoenix canariensis


Growing slowly in the UK for hundreds of years - and hundreds of winters

Indoor setting
Home interior palms and
indoor plant settings
Home interior tropical plants and palms

Business interior palms and
indoor plant settings
Home interior tropical plants and palms

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Palm setting
Looking for indoor plants
for business?
Business interior plants and tropical palms


Butia capitata
Butia capitata

Elegant hardy blue palm


Wollemi Pine
The ancient Wollemi Pine has striking bark and grows slowly outdoors in the UK- it too uses mycorrhizal fungi and is very hardy
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Pool side climate controlled planter setting
This pool house setting is in a climate controlled environment for optimum temperature and humidity.

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East of Eden Plants
Please note that, due to strict agricultural guidelines, not all plants can be sent outside the UK. Please contact us for details.

Unusual Plants

These unusual looking plants are not unusual to us. We have been planting these tried and tested plants for years and years.

Hardy Exotic plants for Gardens

Whether its indoor plants for stunning impact or outdoor palms and hardy exotic plants for durability, we create dramatic and memorable plantscapes and unique garden designs for our clients.

Indoor Plants with Design and Style

With interior designs from Gleneagles to Canary Wharf, Royal William Yard to Royal Hampton Court - we create unique
plant designs working with plant biology
Business interior plants and tropical palms

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Office interior plants and planters Business interior plants and tropical palms
Howea forsteriana
Mature olive trees - Oleo europea
Also - consider the Olive Tree
Mature olive trees are hardy to
-12 Centigrade
Olive trees
Classified plant list Business interior plants and tropical palms

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TROPICAL and EXOTIC PLANTS for GARDENS CatalogueTropical and exotic garden planting themes  

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As professional plantscape designers, we recommend the regular use of Mycorrhizal fungi to establish and maintain plants.

Rootgrow Professional mycorrhizal fungi

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We have solutions for every space from courtyards to coastlines, conservatories to urban landscapes, green rooftops to rivieras - all based on sound plant biology.


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Tropical Beach Huts
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