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Choose office plants from East of Eden Plants for your stately welcomes, bouyant working environments, classical and exotic atmospheres, office green plants, interior plants, office greenery, foliage, architectural plants and exciting business office vibrancy. We are specialist designers of office interiors and office interior plantscapes

Office Plants

Office Planters

Planters that
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Self-watering planters Designer planters with self watering

All planters Designer planters self watering to very large


Office plants and office planters with a self-watering option -

Office plants and planters with easy self-watering Designer planters with self watering

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Cost-effective Office Plants and Planters

Our select tropical species grow naturally under the tropical canopy and prefer low sunlight conditions, so they will grace businesses and office interiors: offices, receptions, restaurants, conservatories, etc.

From tabletop displays to architectural specimens to whole business office design themes, we supply a wider range of handpicked exotic and tropical plants to suit any business and office interior environment.

In many cases, our prices will make it cheaper to buy your office plants rather than rent them, in some cases even recouping the cost in the first year!

Self watering planters with wheels for larger sizes
Self watering planters with wheels for larger sizes Designer planters with self watering and wheels

Design with self watering planters
Self watering planters are available in a choice of ranges, a wide choice of styles and sizes Designer planters with self watering  systems for easy maintenance

  Self watering planters
'Good grief!
- why didn't I come to you first?'

The larger the specimen, the better the value, but we we always maintain the highest standards of quality for all our plants, creating better business and office interior designs.

We are able to blend exterior planting designs with business office interiors to provide a single harmonious flow.

Self watering planters in custom colours
Self watering planters in custom colours Designer planters with self watering and wheels


Office Plants

Interior plants in the SHOP Office and interior plants

Palms and palm-like plants Palms and palm-like plants

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Office planters in custom colours


Office plants and self-watering planters

Self watering trough planters

LECHUZA and more

self watering planters ranges now available
Lechuza range


All styles Designer planters with self watering and wheels


Self watering planters and plant combinations - ready - simple

SIX OF THE BEST Office Plants
(from 1000's)

  • Chlorophytum ‘Mandarin’ (Spider plant)
  • Sansevieria (Mother-in-Law's Tongue)
  • Spathiphylum
  • Chamaedorea seifrizi (Dwarf Mountain palm var.)
  • Dracaena ricki (Dragon Tree var.)
  • Dracaena steudneri (Dragon Tree var.)

Listed plants All plants


We supply professional designer planters that come complete with self-watering reservoirs and discrete easy to read hydrometers, telling you when to water. Some planters are big enough to supply water for months. So your office plants can always be in great shape and work hard for you, giving you a better place to work, and provide equal benefit to your customers as well.

Interior exotic plants are good for business! Not only does tropical greenery make you feel and work better in the office, just think what that lovely exhuberant and vibrant foliage will do for your visitors and customers!


Plant availability is subject to seasonal variation so please contact us to discuss your order

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Office Plants and Planters

For single plant specimens or for the largest of projects, for businesses we supply the finest quality interior exotic and tropical office plants from around the world.

We give you a wider range of business and office plants to help you create an impressive and original edge to your business interiors.

We provide you with the same top quality plants from stocks that we have supplied to Kew and Chelsea, Hampton Court, Gleneagles and Pan Peninsula Project, Docklands, London, to name just a few.

Compared with renting, costs can be controlled by purchasing the plants for your office outright.

We also have stunning self-watering planters for you to choose, so your plants will always have the right amount of water.


Join in green investment now. We supply office plants with planters.

From panini bars to restaurants, hotels to shops and offices, a thriving exotic green interior indicates a thriving modern business.

We arrange ongoing care and maintenance plans to keep your investment looking its best and working hard for you.

And it doesn't end there - whether at work or at home, our hardy tropical specimens will sooth you, relax you and refresh your mood.


Office plants

Whether you want a tropical surf shop, a 17th century Florentine courtyard, an atmospheric restaurant, hotel elegance, a shopping centre or a vibrant new waterfront, we have a collaborative design team to assist the realisation of any size of project.


Office planters in custom colours
Selected self watering planters available in RAL or BS4800 indexed colours to match any colour scheme Self watering planters in custom RAL or BS4800 colours


Office plants and self watering planters in all sizes


Designers -

Discuss collaborative teamworking with our design team on 01752 829178 or 0781 279 7127 for collaborative help with your business interior or office design project.


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Our architectural exotic plants make ideal office plants and will transform any business and office interior space.

Planting at Gleneagles Hotel


Plantscapes and interior design Design guides for office plants and planters
Interior plantscapes and designs

Interior plantscape design


Buyers -

Call us on 01752 829178 or 0781 279 7127 to discuss your individual theme and style.


Professional plants and planters

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      Large office plants Large office and interior plants    

For cost effective office plants and planters that makes your business and office interiors stand out from the crowd


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