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Choose East of Eden Plants, the specialist nursery supplying Hardy Exotic plants, including Tropical plants, Mediterranean plants and other world plants, for your home interiors. Choose top quality home interior plants for your stately welcomes, bouyant homeworking environments, relax in classical and exotic atmospheres with home plants, interior plants, greenery, foliage, architectural plants and sublime world plants for soothing tranquility.

Come home to the world of your dreams!

Interior plants for home design

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Interior exotic and tropical plants specially selected for low light interior conditions
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Our select tropical plant species grow naturally under the tropical canopy and prefer low sunlight conditions, so they will grace many home interior designs: in receptions, conservatories, living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, studies, etc.

We are able to blend exterior planting designs with exotic home interiors to provide a single harmonious flow.

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and indoor palms Tropical and palm plants

Conservatory plants Conservatory plants
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Our select tropical species grow naturally under the tropical canopy and prefer low sunlight conditions, so they will grace living rooms and dining rooms, studies, atriums and conservatories - all around the home, in fact. tropical home interior plant 1

From tabletop displays to architectural specimens, we supply a wide range of handpicked exotic and tropical plants to suit any home interior environment.

We also supply a wide range of designer planters with self-watering systems to keep your plants always at their best.

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Make superior home interiors - design with exotic tropical interior plants from East of Eden Plants

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Our superb ultra quality exotic and tropical plants will transform

       - any room in your home

      - every room in your home


Interior design with exotic plants and self watering planters

Relax - and live

Relax - and live

Good Science
Many people are drawn to plants because we are programmed, 'hard-wired', to be happiest in a green and abundant environment. It may not even be on a conscious level.

Beautiful plants are easy to maintain using self-watering planters, the easy way to keep plants healthy - while you live a busy lifestyle.



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Home interior plants made
easy with self-watering

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Try this suggestion -

- buy tropical or other world exotic home interior plants now, for whichever room you feel would benefit the most. Then, when your plants are accustomed to your home, give your new exotic plants a tour of your home. Try different places in all your rooms, choosing positions with care and investing some thought. Notice how your plants react to your new space.

- see how amazing the transformation of each place is!

- be kind to your home, your plants and yourself, and invest in more exotic and tropical plant friends. See how different your home world becomes.


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From tabletop displays to architectural specimens, we supply a wide range of handpicked tropical interior plants to suit a wide variety of home interior designs.

Plants for Interior Design

We work with architects and designers on every type of interior planting project.

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For all your tropical and exotic home interior plants design needs, contact us:

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No house is a home without beautiful exotic or tropical interior plants

Exotic home interior plants for interiors with design



Interior plants and planters - unlimited
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