Lechuza table and windowsill planters with self-watering systems  
Business and home plantscape design with pre-selected ranges of designer planters chosen for functionality and elegance. Planters with self-watering systems.

Table and Windowsill Tough Planter

Delta 20 Windowsill trough 40x15 x18cm high





The perfect height match for theDeltini table top planter

for creative arrangements




All of LECHUZA’s table planters are equipped with a plant liner
and watering system to ensure better plant growth no matter how small

Colours available

  white black silver charcoal scarlet aubergine  
  white black silver espresso scarlet aubergine  
Deltini table self watering planter 14x14x18cm

Comes with own attractive presentation box.

This item matches the windowsill planter 15x40x18cm in style and planter height.


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  Delta 20
Delta windowsill trough in orange metalic 15x40x18cm tall Comes with own attractive presentation box. Matches Deltini table planter in style and height.


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