Garden Arches


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Enhance your Garden Design

Create Walkways ~ Shelter ~ Privacy




It is easy to add classical and formal structure to any garden with an inexpensive pre-formed garden arch.

Fruit arches and vine arches can be used to train trees, grapes, roses or ivy to establish and hide the frame completely in a living shape to create interest and allure.

For other

garden structures
Bowers, Gazebos

Instant Living Screens,

Living Walls and Panels


Wall Arch
Wall Arch

A wall arch is a simple and effective arch secured to a wall or vertical structure to create a walkthrough or depth.





 Garden arches sizes and prices

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Round Arch
Round Rose Arch


Choice of mesh sizes for arches
A choice of plastic coated steel mesh infills are available on most arch styles to support a wide variety of plants

Round Arches in series


Free standing or wall mounted, arches and garden frames are the perfect way to gain height and turn even small spaces into three-dimensional areas for growing plants from climbers and roses to supporting tall architectural plants.


Gothic Arch
Gothic Arch range



Bowers and Gazebos

Monet Arch
Monet Arch range

Fruit Arch
The Fruit Arch is a rugged arch for supporting apples and other espalier fruit to create a living walkthrough

Monet Arch

The Monet Rose Arch range comes in widths up to 3.6 metres (12 feet) wide



Bougainvillea and Arch


East of Eden Plants

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