Garden Arches and Growing Frames  
Specialist nursery supplying Hardy Exotic plants, including tropical plants, Mediterranean plants and other world plants, for your garden, conservatory and interiors. Add quality garden accessories from our online shop. Our aim is to supply superior exotic plants, plantscapes and designs to suit all exterior and interior spaces in the UK. These long lasting superior garden arches are British made, designer quality and supplied to top British garden designs including the RHS.

Garden Design ~ Designing with arches

It is easy to add classical and formal structure to any garden with an inexpensive pre-formed garden arch.

Add more height, depth and increase growing room for plants and add more interest to any space.

Fruit arches and vine arches can be used to train trees, grapes, roses, ivy, clematis, wisteria, kiwi fruit and many other plants to establish and hide the frame completely in a living shape to create interest and allure.

Tried and tested - made from durable polyester coated steel tubing uprights and horizontals with moulded joints.

Free standing or wall mounted, arches and garden frames are the perfect way to gain height and turn even small spaces into three-dimensional areas for growing plants, from climbers and roses to supporting tall architectural plants.

Wall Arches add growing height and space anywhere there  is a permanent vertical fixing
Wall Arch range from £69.50 inc VAT

A wall arch is a simple and effective arch secured to a wall or vertical structure to create additional growing space and depth as a walkthrough.


Need more growing space?
Garden Arches and Growing Frames could be the answer

 Garden arches sizes and pricesLechuza Quadro planters with self watering system

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Vine Arch £260 inc VAT Vine Arch
Extra strong and custom designed, this vine arch will support two vines, one either side, and is part of our 'Taste of the Mediterranean' garden design themes.


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Round Arches in series

Round arches with Trachelospermum jasminoides
Round arches
with Trachelospermum jasminoides ('Star Jasmine'), a half-hardy evergreen with heady, perfumed flowers. If your area suffers hard frosts use winter fleece (about £5-worth for this lot), or pick Clematis species for full hardiness.

Will Jasmine grow in your garden? Plant both Jasmin AND Clematis and they will tell you.

Round Arches create instant height and focal points
Round Arch Range from £89.95

Round Arches in a series, creating a 'Tunel d'Amore'

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Choice of mesh sizes for arches
A choice of plastic coated steel mesh infills are available on most arch styles to support a wide variety of plants


Gothic Arch
Gothic Arch range from £98.00

Monet Arch
Monet Arch range from £89.95

Monet Arch
The Monet Arch range comes in widths up to 3.6 metres (12 feet) wide

  Custom Arch-making Service
Got a pencil? Design your own frames with the customisation service Contact us
Fruit Tree Arch
The Fruit Tree Arch is a rugged arch for supporting apples and other espalier fruit to create a living walkthrough
£149.00 inc. VAT
Bougainvillea and Arch


These best-in-class garden arches and frames are British made, supplying to customers and formal gardens including the RHS for the past 35 years. We can find non better and specify them in our designs.


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