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East of Eden Plants is a specialist nursery growing and supplying Hardy Exotic plants, including Tropical plants, Mediterranean plants and other world plants, for all your new exotic garden and landscape project adventures. We also specialise in an exciting range of conservatory and interior plants and can undertake all design work for you. Our aim is to supply superior exotic plants and designs to suit all exterior and interior spaces in the UK.

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The best thing about plants is that we are always learning. While we form close links with our landscapers and project clients, we realise that we can't be there for everyone. We are often asked if there is a gardening book we can recommend.

So here are some of the books that have inspired us personally, which we can highly recommend for information and inspiration, available on these click-throughs to Amazon. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we have.

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Mediterranean Gardening

The Mediterranean Gardener by Hugh Latymer and Niccolo Grassi Mediterranean Plants and Gardens by Anne Marie Arthur Charles, Vicomte De Noailles and Roy Lancaster
  Mediterranean Gardening: A Waterwise Approach by Hilda Gildemeister   Designing and Creating a Mediterranean Garden by Freda Cox  
  Sun-drenched Gardens: The Mediterranean Style by Jan Smithen and Lucinda Lewis   Make Your Own Mediterranean Garden by Pattie Barron and Simon McBride  
  Create a Mediterranean Garden: Planting a Low-maintenance, Drought-proof Paradise Anywhere by Pattie Barron and Simon McBride      

Tropical and Exotic

Architectural Plants: Ferns, Palms, Hostas and Yuccas (Collins Practical Gardener) by Christine Shaw (Author) The New Exotic Garden (Paperback) by Will Giles (Author)
  Landscaping with Tropical Plants (Sunset Series) (Paperback) by Monica Moran Brandies (Author)      
  Palms Won't Grow Here and Other Myths: Warm Climate Plants for Cooler Areas (Hardcover) by David A. Francko (Author)   Apple Identifier Palms: The Illustrated Identifier to Over 100 Palm Species (Apple Identifier): The Illustrated Identifier to Over 100 Palm Species (Apple Identifier) (Paperback) by Martin Gibbons (Author)  
  Agaves, Yuccas and Related Plants: A Gardener's Guide (Hardcover) by Mary Irish (Author), Gary Irish (Author), Karen Bell (Illustrator)   Tropical Garden Style with Hardy Plants (Paperback) by Alan R. Hemsley (Author)  
  The New Exotic Garden
Will Giles (Author)
  Designer Plants (Hardcover) by Sunniva Harte  

Bamboos and Grasses

Bamboos and Grasses (Collins Practical Gardener) (Paperback) by Jon Ardle (Author) The Encyclopedia of Grasses for Livable Landscapes (Hardcover) by Rick Darke (Author)  
  RHS Grasses (Royal Horticultural Society) by Roger Grounds   Gardening with Grasses by Michael King  
  Bamboo for Gardens (Hardcover) by Ted Jordan Meredith (Author)   Hardy Bamboos-
Taming the Dragon (Hardcover)
Paul Whittaker (Author)

Saving Water

Rain Gardens: Managing Water Sustainably in the Garden and Designed Landscape: Sustainable Rainwater Management for the Garden and Designed Landscape (Hardcover) by Nigel Dunnett and Andy Clayden      


The Water Gardener (Paperback) by John Brookes (Foreword), Anthony Archer-Wills (Author)   The Pond Specialist: The Essential Guide to Designing, Building, Improving and Maintaining Ponds and Water Features (Specialist) by Alan Bridgewater  
  Pond Owner's Handbook (Your Questions Answered) by John A. Dawes   An Essential Guide to Choosing Your Pond Fish and Aquatic Plants (Tankmaster) by Graham Quick  
  Creating a Garden Wildlife Pond by Dave Bevan   The Simple Guide to Garden Ponds (Simple Guide to...) by Terry Anne Barber Garden Pondlopaedia (Paperback) by Graham Quick (Author)  
  Garden Pondlopaedia (Paperback) by Graham Quick (Author)      

Garden Design

John Brookes Garden Design (revised) by John Brookes   The Essential Garden Design Workbook by Rosemary Alexander  
  The Garden Planner by Robin Williams   The Complete How to Be a Gardener by Alan Titchmarsh  
  The Garden Designer (Rhs) (Rhs) by Robin Williams   The RHS Essential Garden Planning and Construction (Rhs) by Christopher Brickell  
  Design Your Garden by Diarmuid Gavin   Designing and Renovating Larger Gardens (Hardcover) by Douglas Coltart  
  The Modern Garden by
Jane Brown
  Plant-Driven Design by
Scott Ogden &
Lauren Springer Ogden

New Tech Gardening

Room Outside: A New Approach to Garden Design by John Brookes   The New Tech Garden (Paperback) by Paul Cooper (Author)  
  The Minimalist Garden (Mitchell Beazley Gardening) by Christopher Bradley-Hole   Radical Landscapes: Reinventing Outdoor Space by Jane Amidon  
  Groundswell: Constructing the Contemporary Landscape by Peter Reed   The Modern Garden by Jane Brown  
  Vertical Gardens: Bringing the City to Life (Hardcover) by Anna Lambertini (Author), Maria Ciampi (Author)      

Japanese Garden

The Modern Japanese Garden (Mitchell Beazley Gardening) by Michiko Rico Nose   Japanese Gardening: An Inspirational Guide to Designing and Creating an Authentic Japanese Garden with Over 300 Colour Photographs by Charles Chesshire  
  Zen in Your Garden: Creating Sacred Spaces by Jenny Hendy   Creating Japanese Gardens (Ortho's All about) by Ortho  
  Japanese Garden Design by Marc Keane   New Zen Garden: Designing Quiet Spaces by Joseph Cali  
  The Sakuteiki Jiro Takei, Marc Keane      

Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting: Design, Inspiration, Techniques (Hamlyn Gardening) by John Raine   Lighting Gardens: Creative Solutions for Today's Gardens (Mitchell Beazley Gardening) by Michele Osborne  
  The Landscape Lighting Book, 2nd Edition by Janet Lennox Moyer      


Success with Citrus (Hardcover) by Patricia Oliver (Author)   Citrus Fruits (Success with Gardening) (Paperback) by Catria Sigrid Hansen (Author)  
  All About Citrus and Subtropical Fruits (Ortho's All about) (Paperback) by Maggie Blyth Klein (Author), Paul, Jr. Moore (Author), Claude Sweet (Author)   Growing Citrus: The Essential Gardener's Guide (Hardcover) by Martin Page (Author)  

Trees for Gardens

Best Trees for Your Garden (Hardcover) by Allen Paterson (Author)   Illustrated Guide to Garden Trees, The: An A-Z Guide to Choosing the Best Trees for Your Garden, with 230 Stunning Photographs (Illustrated Guide) (Paperback)  


Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escapes    

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