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Air Pot grown trees

Information about the AIRPOT SYSTEM

air pot grown trees

All our containerised trees are grown for us at a specialist nursery site using Air-Pots .This is a relatively new technique of containerizing trees and large shrubs. . No waste products delivered to site.

. The trees are packaged as a conventional rootball, but without the damage

. Easy to anchor

. Easy to handle

. Reduced problems associated with soil/compost barriers which could

otherwise cause the rootball to dry out

. Most importantly, a much improved fibrous root system giving better transplant resilience and no transplant shock.

The Air Pot consists of a reusable plastic 'sleeve' which surrounds the root system. The 'sleeve', laid flat,resembles a honeycomb with slits in the top layer.

         air pot protected rootball   air pot matting

       air pot roots    air pot rootball

The slits are always positioned on the outside of the 'container' and allow air pruning of the roots. This produces a more fibrous root system, because the surface does not allow root circling.

For growing trees in Air-Pots, each tree is placed on a layer of compost and tied to covered support wires. They are tied in such a way as to avoid damage to the stem whilst being held securely in place. The Air-Pot is then wrapped around the roots leaving an appropriate gap to allow for the filling with the compost. The compost is then firmed in to allow optimum rootgrowth. Each tree is monitored throughout to ensure correct watering and feeding. The tree is prepared for dispatch using a wire basket and hessian.      back to trees