Outdoor Living ~ Tropical garden buildings

Specialist nursery supplying Hardy Exotic plants, including Tropical plants, Mediterranean plants and other world plants, for your garden, conservatory and interiors. Add quality garden accessories from our online shop. Our aim is to supply superior exotic plants, plantscapes and designs to suit all exterior and interior spaces in the UK. As garden buildings, these garden beach huts are perfect for outdoor living and can be used as summer houses, outdoor offices, outdoor living rooms, garden party venues. All beach huts are flame-retardent treated.

Tropical Garden Buildings - Outdoor living in the UK

Outdoor living in the UK

We now offer a full repair and restoration service, including supply of thatched tiles, side canvases and accessories.

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2018 Season

Please note that we shall be shortly offering a completely new range of Tropical Beach Hut Buildings



Outdoor living - Tropical garden buildings amde with real thatch and wind protection - all flame retardent treated

Our tropical garden beach hut range includes VAT, delivery, AND professional construction on site, AND a discount on our top, top, designer-quality-only hardy tropical and exotic plants for you to create the garden of your dreams.

Never has there been a better time to go totally tropical!

Tropical Beach Hut in 6 sizes

Go totally tropical with outdoor living tropical garden buildings -
designed and built with complete quality for quality lifestyles

Outdoor living - Tropical garden buildings

Create your own outdoor living space
Outdoor living - Tropical garden buildings




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Outdoor living - Miami Tropical Garden Beach Hut

Fully flame retardent finish and quality built from sustainably sourced materials. Professionally erected. Extended guarantee.

Quality built - quality finished on these tropical garden buildings

Outdoor living - Daytona Tropical Beach Hut
Miami Tropical Garden Beach Hut   Daytona Tropical Garden Beach Hut
Outdoor living - Bondai Tropical Beach Hut

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Outdoor living - NEW Cocoa Tropical Garden Beach Hut
Bondai Tropical Garden Beach Hut NEW - Cocoa Tropical Garden Beach Hut


This wonderful range of tropically themed outdoor living garden buildings is made from sustainable natural materials to blend perfectly in any environment. The range of sizes means you can fit a tropical garden building in to just about anywhere. All models come with professional construction on site as standard. Outdoor living in style.

You can have the building only, or we can create a complete tropical dream setting with our hardy tropical plants! contact us

(PDF Catalogue opens in new window)Tropical and exotic garden planting themes

Outdoor living - Long Beach Commercial beach hut buildings
Tropical Commercial
Outdoor living - Sauna Spa Tropical Beach Hut
Tropical Sauna

Outdoor living - Bondai Tropical Garden Beach Hut
Bondai Tropical Garden Beach Hut

Tropical Garden Buildings for Outdoor Living

The successful tropical beach hut range of garden buildings is extended to include new introductions - the Tropical Beach Hut Sauna and the new Commercial tropical garden outside seating area buildings.

Outdoor living - in style. All styles retain their superb finish and building quality and come in a choice of tiled or thatch roof finishes.

All tropical garden buildings can be supplied with their own ready-made furniture, or for something different we can supply custom furniture to your design.

These quality tropical garden buildings can be used for private garden buildings, garden office buildings, garden parties and commercial exterior seating for restaurants, bars and hotels.

All buildings come with professional construction, a 3-year guarantee and all materials are flame-retardent finished.


Tropical Paradise Deals - Tropical Garden Beach Huts

Additional bespoke optional extras tailored to each model, include:
wood roof with thatched tiles, wood roof with cedar tiles, building elavated on stilts with step bench extension kit, doorway bench, single leg table, light pack, small scatter cushions(7), large scatter cushions(7), 1.5 kW, 3kW, 6 kW heater.

See the bespoke extras for each model: Bondai, Cocoa, Daytona, Miami

Get your tropical garden beach hut from us and not only will you get professional contruction, you can get a tropical garden design complete with hardy tropical garden plants planted at a special discount price!

Create a stunning hardy tropical garden theme complete with a tropical garden beach hut and change your lifestyle. Contact us


Outdoor Living - Tropical garden buildings - built in a day


1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
Tropical garden buildings

Range and prices Tropical garden buildings - built in a day

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Tropical Garden Buildings - Outdoor Living Beach Hut

Newly-built tropical garden building in our nursery - complete with tropical planting.

Professionally built - in a day


Not only are these the best-finished garden beach huts we have ever found - they are far and away the best value for money. Other alternatives at this price we find generally do not have the same quality construction and finish.

The perfect centrepiece for your new hardy tropical or exotic garden.

Outdoor Living - Tropical garden buildings - beach hut - stage 1
Outdoor Living - Tropical garden buildings - beach hut - stage 2  Outdoor Living - Tropical garden buildings - beach hut - stage 3

Outdoor Living - Tropical garden buildings - beach hut - stage 4

Professional construction gives you a guaranteed build. This is charged extra. Contact us for details.

Outdoor Living - Tropical garden buildings - beach hut - stage 5


Tropical zone Outdoor Living - Tropical garden buildings - built in a day!
Buy now any garden buildings in this range now and get 10%
off your tropical planting or design order. CLICK HERE

And ~ not only do we supply these beautiful tropical buildings ~ we supply the tropical garden design and plants as well.

Contact us Quote tropical garden design and plants
Outdoor Living - Tropical-garden-plan-quote

Personal service

We would love to discuss your tropical garden buildings requirements with you personally. As well as supplying your new tropical building, we can supply top, hand selected designer quality plants by the pallet, to make your dream come true.

Whether it's a tropical plant pallet for DIY planting, or a complete design setting planted by us, to contact us please ring 01752 829178 or to contact us by email please click here - contact formcontact us for beach hut information



Outdoor living is made for Tropical Beach Huts!

DIY Garden Service - Designer Palette to Plant Pallet


For an example of how our tropical planting pallets will work for you, see this case study of client Clem's story:

Case Study - From Designer Pallette to Plant Pallet Designer pallette to plant pallet
DIY Project made from our Pallet Service
  BHL believes in providing only the very best structures. In doing so, we specify the construction of a heavy duty quality building. Our posts are 152mm diameter, the floor timbers are 32mm thick and our base frame is constructed using 100 x 76mm timbers.

More images - range and price information

Bondai Miami Daytona
mm inch mm inch mm inch
Overall Height 2735 108 2945 116 3220 127
Overall diameter to outside of post 2667 105 3200 126 3987 157
Internal Diameter 2438 96 2870 113 3759 148
Diameter of thatch edge to edge 3124 123 3581 141 4572 180
Entrance Width 1092 43 1346 53 1752 69
Handrail height 838 33 838 33 838 33
Floor Height 132 5.5 132 5.5 132 5.5
Table Diameter 1150 45 1700 67 1830 72
Table Height 724 28.5 724 28.5 724 28.5
Seat Height 457 18 457 18 457 18
Seat Depth 432 17 432 17 483 19

Prices Buy tropical garden huts


It is essential to the installation of your building that the following guidelines are followed.

It is crucial that the site upon which your building is to be based is stable, sound, and level across its entirety. Whether you utilise an existing area or construct a new base we recommend you enlist the services of a reputable and qualified building contractor to ensure the area conforms to our requirements.

We regret that if the site is not on firm ground, stable and completely level it will not be possible to construct the building and additional charges will be applicable.

Your Beach hut can be installed onto a new or existing patio constructed using either concrete, brick, paving or decking.

Whichever material you choose to use it is essential that the site is at least the size suggested for your particular building. It is important to note that the structure of the building is circular and the supporting posts extend slightly further than the base.

Outdoor living

These outdoor living tropical garden beach huts can be used as summer houses, outdoor offices, outdoor living rooms, garden party venues, or quiet hide-aways to relax. All beach huts are flame-retardent treated. The same commercial quality, long-lasting, build is used throughout the whole range, from small and private to commercial marquee. Sizes to create outdoor living style anywhere.



Managed timber resources

All timber is sourced from suppliers adopting responsible forestry practices and our supplier has successfully passed the accreditation programme of the Forestry Stewardship Council, which recognises and applauds excellence in responsible forest management, globally.


Managed woodlands



Best quality cape thatching reed provides a waterproof surface that will last for 7-10 years and requires no maintenance

The thatched roof, made from Cape Reed, is cut when it reaches maturity at 5-7 years. This process encourages the plant to grow and is harvested again and again. A natural product, it will last 7-10 years without maintenance.


Tropical garden design and Landscape projects - made to order

Landscape Designs

With our knowledge of garden micro-climates, species behaviour and plant ranges, we can supply and design for you the garden landscape of your dreams. We can realise any scale of project - outdoor living in style.


All prices quoted in our on-line shop include VAT.

For the shop catalogues click here

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