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NEW RANGE GARDEN POTS AND LARGE PLANTERS and selected garden pots and planters range.  As a garden design supplier we provide pots and large planters for hardy exotic plants, including tropical plants, Mediterranean plants and other world plants, for your garden, conservatory and interiors. Add quality pots and planters garden accessories from our online shop. Our aim is to supply superior exotic plants, pots,planters and designs to suit all interior and exterior plantscapes in the UK.

Pots and Larger Planters
for Garden and Plantscape Design

Lechuza - modern outdoor self watering plantersContemporary Interior & Exterior Planters page

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Garden pots and planters

Interior & exterior self watering planters

Large wooden trough planters

Interior and external planters

Balcony planter with self watering system

We work with large pots and planters all the time. Our selection of plant pots and designer planters are suitable for everyone from the do-it-yourself designer to trade.

We have everything from garden pots and outdoor planters to those EXTRA LARGE PLANTERS you may find difficult to get hold of anywhere else.

By far the most popular interior planters are the self-watering planters ranges.

You can buy your pots and large planters from us with confidence, and with advice and plants as well.



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Our recommendations - 'Hardy plants for exterior pots and planters' Hardy plants for exterior pots & planters






Self watering planters Self watering planters



  Lechuza self watering planters - Quadro

Planters UK

As professional designers and suppliers we can supply any planter type for any occasion.

All of our planters are selected with function and design in mind -



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Pots and planters
in the Shop
Pots and planters in the shop

Self watering planters
in the Shop
Self watering planters only in the shop




Very large wooden  trough planters



Interior self watering pots and planters







Softwood self-assembly softwood planter in dark green


Trough planters

Ready assembled FSC - trough planters up to 1.4m


      Patio planter large trough


Ready assembled FSC
- trough planters 1.8m



Formal Mediterranean design





Pots and Planters



Ornate large planter 75cm wide
Large Ornate Terracotta Planter
- 1 metre diameter

Large ornate terracotta planters

Hand crafted. Highly detailed. Frost-resistant.

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Buy our designer range large pots and planters and
get them delivered to your door.

Our recommendations - 'Hardy plants for exterior pots and planters' (PDF) Hardy plants for exterior pots & planters


There is nothing like having a real designer range of pots and planters in your garden, home or office.

Traditionally produced with a beautiful look and feel, Mediterranean pots come from many Mediterranean traditions and transform any garden setting.

We have also found other large pots and planters essential in our design work.





Pots, planters and planting advice

What are you planning to plant?
It is the plant that chooses the pot or planter - why?

You need to give your plants plenty of root space.

'As above, so below' applies very well to plants in planters and pots -

However much of the plant grows above the pot, the plant needs similar volume below.

A 15-inch pot (38cm) has nearly twice the volume of a 12-inch (30cm) pot.

A 70 cm diameter planter has 150 litres of planting space, while a 120 cm diameter planter has 300 to 800 litres of space depending on its height.

Upgrade to larger pots and planter sizes every two or three years.

Use the old pots and planters to upgrade with a succession of sizes to ensure your pots and plants are always large enough for your plants.

Once the plant has reached its maximum planter size, 'retire' it to the garden, or a friend's garden.

Make sure the pot or planter has drainage if intended for outdoor use.

Mix plenty of gravel, grit or sand with peat to increase drainage.

Know the natural conditions for your plants, and their likes and dislikes.

Mediterranean shrubs for example will survive hot dry summers in pots and planters but hate cold and wet winters: they will survive cold spells much better if the roots have not been constantly rained on.

Protect plant roots in winter by putting your pots and planters under cover or put a rain shield over the exposed soil. Use fleece in extremely low temperatures to protect leaf and root extremities.

Citrus varieties grow well in this country if you follow the May-November rule (put out in May - take in in November). They can be stored in an unheated well-lit room. Citrus and bougainvillea will lose their leaves at low temperatures, but will grow them again the following year. Citrus guide. Bougainvillea guide.

Plant with Rootgrow mycorrhiza for early establishment and drought support.



Quality planters make quality gardens



Lechuza self-watering planters

LECHUZA self watering planters


Lechuza planters in Tanners' Restaurant

We also specify and sell designer planters with a self-watering option, like this LECHUZA Cubico planter, part of our design in Tanners' Restaurant.

LECHUZA designer planters range Online Shop



We supply quality Mediterranean, exotic and tropical plants from our own grown stock as well as handpicked specimens from premier UK and European nurseries.


We have a scientific understanding of world plant types and specialise in the supply of hardy exotic plants including tropical plants, Mediterranean plants and plants from other parts of the world, to suit gardens and interiors for everyone.


With our plant knowledge, we can match plants to every situation and supply you with an abundance of top quality specimens and accessories to create the garden environment of your dreams, inside and outside.


Our recommendations - 'Hardy plants for exterior pots and planters' (PDF) Hardy plants for exterior pots & planters



Treated and coloured - use wooden planter for roof gardens

We also provide full original garden design and landscaping services

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