Planters with self watering systems

SELF WATERING PLANTERS RANGES - Quality designer planters with a self-watering system option.  We provide Hardy Exotic plants, including Tropical plants, Mediterranean plants and other world plants, with planters. Business, home, garden, conservatory interiors or exteriors. Add quality design accessories from our online shop. Our aim is to supply superior exotic plants, plantscapes and designs to suit all interior and exterior spaces in the UK.

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When it comes to watering plants, all of our planters and bespoke plantscape containers are designed to keep the plants within tolerable extremes, helping them to thrive and survive in droughts yet drain away heavy rain.

Choose self watering planters with liners to move tender plants indoors for the winter without uprooting them.

Some planters come with their own slim internal self watering system, some planters we tailor a self watering system to suit the plant species and size of planter.
Sizes range from small models for interior use on tables and windowsills, to exterior planters over a metre in diameter and planting troughs 1.8 metres as standard, and bespoke sizes to order. We make extra large planters to provide copious living environments for plants.

Beautiful, functional and tested, our planter solutions are supplied individually or as part of a design order.

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Planters with integral self watering systems

Wooden Troughs and Planters with self watering systems

Planters with self watering systems

A range of designer planters for use in all interior and exterior settings, all with self-watering functionality.


Wooden trough planters with self watering

We make our own wooden trough planter ranges from European redwood and solid oak.

These extra-large containers create habitats for all plants, including small trees and hedges.

Custom sizes available.

Self watering planter systems Self watering planters Large wooden trough planters Wooden trough planters
Florentine terracotta planter

Classic Terracotta
with self watering systems

Classic Mediterranean lifestyle terracotta pots and planters now come with self watering options.

Minimum order quantities apply

Ornate trough planter

Ornate Terracotta-Resin Mix
with self watering systems

The look of terracotta with extra durability and lightness for large planting. Extremely fine detailing.

Hand made to order

Terracotta planter - Florentine Terracotta pots and planters Ornate trough planter ornate terracotta planters  
Bespoke self watering tower    
Bespoke tower with self watering   We design and create whole plantscapes to suit our customers' needs. More

e design professionally and create for you, and with you, stunning interiors for relaxing or vibrant to suit your mood.


Planters can be ordered with a design or
bought separately in our on-line Shop

Designer quality. Our planters are as beautiful as they are practical - a design solution for just about anywhere.

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