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NEW SELF WATERING PLANTERS RANGE.  As a garden design supplier we provide Hardy Exotic plants, including Tropical plants, Mediterranean plants and other world plants, for your garden, conservatory and interiors. Add quality garden accessories from our online shop. Our aim is to supply superior exotic plants, plantscapes and designs to suit all interior and exterior plantscapes in the UK.

LECHUZA Cubico self-watering planter




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Self Watering Planter




tall square

Cubico self-watering planter

Cubico 50 in silver

Cubico planters - blackCubico planters - grey
Cubico planters - esspresso
Cubico planters - scarletCubico planters - silverCubico planters - white
Cubico planters

Cubico planters - Cubico liners



Cubico planters - Purchase a complete self-watering planter system




New Alto 40 x105

  White white - gloss



22 x 41h - £37.50






Black black - gloss

  30 x 56h - £67.50        
Scarlet scarlet - gloss   40 x 75h - £116.75
Espresso taupe - gloss  

50 x 95h - £185.75

Silver silver - metallic  

New Alto

40 x 105 - £146.95

Greygraphite - metallic


Cubico planters - buy now

Quantity :


  choose your planter . For Cubico planters add the liner . Add the self-watering system .

Beautiful planters with self-watering

A beautiful planter
and self- watering!








Cubico 50 in white
Cubico 50 in white


Cubico 50 in esspresso
Cubico 50 in silver


Cubico 50 in white
Cubico 50 in white    


Cubico 30 in scarlet
Cubico 30 in scarlet



Self watering system

Caring for plants was never so easy!

A – Supply shaft with water level indicator
B – Regular potting soil
C – Drainage layer
D – Separator* The water reservoir holds up to 26.5 litres, enough to water your plants for 2-12 weeks, depending on planter size, plant type and location.

The images shown are from the range of planters used by us at East of Eden Plants.


Self watering Planters ~ Free download
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It's this simple:

1. Insert sub-irrigation set (separator, supply shaft and water level indicator) into the planter and place sterilized drainage material onto the separator (about 1 inch deep).

2. Add potting soil to the planter, insert plant with roots, and fill the planter with soil. Compact soil well.

3. For the next three months, continue to water the plants from above through the soil. After that, the plant will supply itself from the reservoir. After three months, your plant's roots will have grown far enough into the moist area that they will be able to obtain water from the reservoir without your assistance.

Refill the water reservoir only after the water level indicator is at "Min".

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We supply quality Mediterranean, exotic and tropical plants, from our own grown stock as well as handpicked specimens from premier UK and European nurseries.


e design professionally and create for you - and with you - stunning interiors relaxing or vibrant to suit your mood.



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