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Specialist nursery supplying Hardy Exotic plants, including Tropical plants, Mediterranean plants and other world plants, for your garden, conservatory and interiors. Add quality garden accessories from our online shop. Our aim is to supply superior exotic plants, plantscapes and designs to suit all exterior and interior spaces in the UK. Tropical garden beach huts are the centrepiece buildings for one of our tropical garden designs. We supply the tropical plants and expertise for you to do-it-yourself, or we can design a new tropical paradise garden setting for you.


Beach Hut Leisure garden buildings and huts

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Tropical Garden Buildings - Outdoor living in the UK

Outdoor living in the UK

We now offer a full repair and restoration service, including supply of thatched tiles, side canvases and accessories.

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2018 Season

Please note that we shall be shortly offering a completely new range of Tropical Beach Hut Buildings


best quality cape thatching reed provides a waterproof surface that will last for 7-10 years and requires no maintenance

Thatched Beach Hut
garden beach hut

Thatched Beach Hut
garden beach hut

Thatched Beach Hut
garden beach hut

Tropical Garden Beach Hut-Bondai Tropical Garden Beach Hut-Miami Tropical Garden Beach Hut-Daytona  
Bondai garden beach hut Miami garden beach hut Daytona garden beach hut  
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Thatched Beach Hut
garden beach hut
Tropical Garden Beach Hut-Cocoa



Tropical Sauna and Tropical Commercial options are also available

Tropical Garden Beach Hut - Sauna Tropical Beach Hut - Commercial
Cocoa garden beach hut      
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Please note these buildings qualify for extra discounts on additional design and plants. We will work with you to help you realise the garden of your dreams.



Personal service

We would love to discuss your beach hut requirements with you personally.
To contact us please ring 01752 829178 or to contact us by form



It is essential to the installation of your building that the following guidelines are followed.

It is crucial that the site upon which your building is to be based is stable, sound, and level across its entirety. Whether you utilise an existing area or construct a new base we recommend you enlist the services of a reputable and qualified building contractor to ensure the area conforms to our requirements.

We regret that if the site is not on firm ground, stable and completely level it will not be possible to construct the building and additional charges will be applicable.

Your Beach hut can be installed onto a new or existing patio constructed using either concrete, brick, paving or decking.

Whichever material you choose to use it is essential that the site is at least the size suggested for your particular building. It is important to note that the structure of the building is circular and the supporting posts extend slightly further than the base.

Outdoor living

These garden beach huts can be used as summer houses, outdoor offices, outdoor living rooms, you name it - they are even flame-retardent treated for banished smokers!

More information - Beach hut site plans



Landscape projects

Landscape Designs

With our knowledge of garden micro-climates, species behaviour and plant ranges, we can supply and design for you the garden landscape of your dreams. We can realise any scale of project.

All prices quoted in our on-line shop include VAT.

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