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Our top quality and unusual pots, gazebos, obelisks, screens and more, are selected to match our unsurpassable range of plants and enhance our top quality designs. Our aim is to supply the best exotic plants and designs to suit all exterior and interior spaces in the UK. Use this Accessories Homepage to find more product pages.

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are products we use in our design work.

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Does your garden or sun-terrace have a hot-spot where everything fries and bakes in the high summer sun? Great! This is just what our Mediterranean selection is looking for.

For contrast, our deep shade loving plants have a beguiling beauty.

Select your garden features from the garden design accessories shown here to focus your garden and make your plants part of a painted canvas..

Thatched Buildings -
Tropical garden beach hut offer

Thatched tropical garden huts

Garden Arches

Round garden arch
Gothic garden arch
Wall garden arch
Fruit garden arch
Vine garden arch
Custom design arch service

Garden Arches, round arches, gothic arches, fruit arches, vine arches, custom-made arches


World plants, hardy exotic, tropical and Mediterranean plants are hand picked, high quality specimens that have been sourced by specialists from around the world.

Our prices of all kinds of plants are very competitive, the larger the plant the better the deal. However, our emphasis is always on the premier quality of our plants.

Our garden accessories are price discounted to you whenever possible.

We can supply any size of landscape design project with recommended local landscapers




We specialise in the supply of hardy exotic plants including tropical plants, Mediterranean plants and plants from other parts of the world, to suit everyone!






Stoneware Stone finials











ornamental range















Gazebos &                   Trellis, Fencing, Arches
Summerhouses            & Arbours               

~ Ornamental Temples
Plaquito Temple art

Excellence and Craftsmanship



Our recommendations - 'Hardy plants for exterior pots and planters' (free PDF)
LOGIN Hardy plants for exterior pots & planters

pots and planters
Yakuta Water Jars-YunxhiIronstone pot

Original Garden Art
Orginal Garden Art - slideshow




Fountains in the Shop

Fountains slide show


Now you can fill your garden and sun-terraces with colourful and exotic hardy tropical and Mediterranean plant forms, hand selected for quality and appearance - and get the design accessories to match!


Original Bronzes
Vanessa Marston Bronzes

Call us on 01752 829178 or 0781 279 7127 to check availability of plants.

Phone or email us for details.

Not only do we supply plants, but also offer a design and consultancy service, as well as an integrated delivery service.


Our exterior tropical plant selection is frost-hardy and will suit most gardens with a little care. Even northern gardens will benefit, especially with a conservatory for winter backup.

Accessories are specifiable as part of a design consultation or separately.

Items purchased in conjunction with our complete design package will, in sufficient quantity, qualify for discounts. We are happy to pass these price reductions on to you.

Please call us to discuss your design and project requirements in detail.

Treated timber accessories
 Intalogs range


We supply quality exotic, tropical and Mediterranean plants, from our own grown stock as well as handpicked specimens from premier UK and European nurseries.

And it doesn't end there- we can supply gazebos and other high quality garden accessories.

We also offer a full design and landscaping service.

With our knowledge of garden micro-climates, species behaviour and plant ranges, we can supply the right exotic and tropical plants and design for you the garden of your dreams, from sun terraces to shady arbours - from conservatory splendour to stylish indoor displays for business and home..  

Don't forget to talk to us about our fine quality pots and planters, specially chosen to complement the quality of our plants, to be delivered with your plant orders.


See the Intalogs range


Growth Products


We recommend Rootgrow™ for new plantings

Rootgrow root treatment
Rootgrow root treatment page - feeding your plants for life
Organic root treatment with mycorrhiza - Feeding your plants for life   more
Call 01752 829178 or 0781 279 7127  
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